Russian Pyramid Meditation – A Testimonial

We were recently contacted by a group of experienced yoga and meditation practitioners from Eastern Europe who wanted to get assistance on the specific geometry and angles required for building their own Russian Sacred Geometry Pyramid. This video relates their exceptional meditation experiences.


3 thoughts on “Russian Pyramid Meditation – A Testimonial

  1. Thank you very much for all the info regarding Russian pyramids, their phi spiral ratio, etc.
    Have a question regarding choosing the right size:
    As the pyramid means "fire in the middle", how effective would be it's potency at it's base, ground level?
    Would it be suitable to make 6' base pyramid (in which i could practically spend whole day- in meditation, writing at the desk & night- sleeping in it) or would you rather recommended having smaller ones for meditation & maybe another 4' one hanging over bad during sleep?
    If possible, please clarify my confusion regarding spreading of the pyramid power inside & outside of it.
    Have seen some of your videos explaining how the potency of Russian pyramids starts much more up then in Golden, Nubian ones. My confusion still remains regarding the base, how far it reaches down.
    If possible, please advice, so that i can finally venture into making one of the right size.
    Thank you endlessly!

  2. This is helpful! Thank you, Charlie! It's like you had read my mind, or the fellow who wrote into you, or both of you!lol I was just about to look up if there were any testimonies from experiencers of meditation with your pyramids, other than yourself…not to impugn your word or anything, of course. 😉 I've been following your videos closely and think you're doing something amazing, here.
    I'm definitely creating one of these things, soon! Like your letter writer, I too, have been practicing meditation for many years. It's been going very well but I've got to try this if it's a simple way of enhancing my connection to the I AM/The Divine/Brahman/Cosmic Consciousness/Ultimate Nature of Reality/etc.etc. Really, I'm all for that! Especially if it has a beneficial effect on the surrounding environment and Nature. I also practice gardening. So, if those results from the experiments in Russia are in fact True, I would love to be part of bringing this technology into my neck of the woods, so to speak, which by the way, is Western Canada. Hello from British Columbia! 😉

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