Root Chakra Balance: Nighttime Guided Meditation (For Grounding, Safety, Stability) New for 2020

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Chakra Balance Guided Imagery Meditations:
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Chakra means ‘wheel’ or ‘vortex’. Chakras are energy centers that house the life force that is you. The Chakras are not part of the physical body however they link the subtle energy fields surrounding the body to the activities of the body itself.

The first chakra, the root chakra houses all of the basic energy that is required to support your survival on this planet. It is your foundation, your survival center, due to its tribal and animalistic nature.

The first chakra represents manifestation of individual consciousness into human form, your physical birth, your connections with the earth, your birthplace, your culture, your foundation.

The Root Chakra is 1st Chakra in the 7 chakra system and is located at the base of the spine. The Root Chakra is associated with one’s connection to earth.

Benefits of clearing and balancing the Root Chakra:
● Become centered & grounded
● Be confident
● Reconnect with yourself and your body
● Gain inner strength
● Feel safe and secure
● Feel full of life
● Achieve your goals
● Manifest abundance

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3 thoughts on “Root Chakra Balance: Nighttime Guided Meditation (For Grounding, Safety, Stability) New for 2020

  1. Guided Imagery Meditation for Balancing the Root Chakra. If you like this video, I will release the second meditation in the series for the Sacral Chakra after 1000 views to this video!
    If you want the entire set now, you can skip ahead to purchase/download the entire series right now for yourself:
    Receive 45% off with Discount Code: CHAKRABALANCE

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