Resurrecting Our Spiritual Self

*Transcending life’s challenges
*Rising from the ashes
*Crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension in everyday life

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5 thoughts on “Resurrecting Our Spiritual Self

  1. When I was a church member years ago. I would ask people what would your life be like in heaven? They would tell me their idea of it and I would tell them live as though you were already there.

  2. What are we mastering? Vibration, I was eating my organic apples last week and thought about the wicked apple tree but not everyone knows that the apple tree belongs to the rose family and roses are considered closest to the love vibration…one of the highest vibrational substances available…sniffs her rose water. So in essence you was being told not to eat of the tree of love because O boy to know love is to know good and evil and suffering perhaps. The are very alkaline substances which is important. You are told that everything is mind over matter but honestly its more like emotions over matter. Thoughts are air and emotions are water and what is it that your matter is mostly made of? What happens when we put mind over matter or head over heart and just push all of it away and stuff it.. bury it…don't deal with it …well it becomes our garment…our vibration. If you've experienced a near death experience…you'll know where your vibrations is at and thats why you don't want to go with a low vibration expression because without a body its hard to raise it and thats why Jesus was such a beloved master because he freed many with his high vibration that were stuck in darkness. The mother has given us time…earth to cleanse our air and water with the fire elements to clear our vibrations of things that are weighting us down from cycle to cycle. Cayenne pepper is extremely alkalizing to the body…peppermint ?? Incense….FrankINCENSE and Myrrh…not hellfire. Honestly Jesus never claimed to be a organization or a religion but he was a wonderful teacher all of this is in his Books of Peace. I'm naturally a big fan even my birth name means pure.. rose/lily …virtue outlives death. Yeah thats really unpopular these days.I'm the same though, I love all the masters teachings and everyone has something to teach from my experience. Its true when you understand that most likely you have been all of these things before you don't judge. Nature favors diversity. Peace people, I'm go back to my unpopular corner lol. Eh opinions.

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