Restore your eyesight naturally YOURSELF – (Myopia)

Complete elimination of myopia (nearsightedness). TIP: Also make sure to breathe through nose and keep mouth closed. Allow your smile to be wide and show what a genuinely nice and friendly person you are. This is important for good eyesight.

This video is only aimed at those born with normal healthy body but have at some point lost their normal function.

Sections of video:

1. Stop wearing Glasses
2. Check Eye Movements/Blinking, Eye exercises
3. Learn importance of Psychology, Learn eyesight facts
4. How Peripheral Vision can become a strain on eyesight.
5. Importance of Flexibility, What is strong/weak eyesight?
6. Looking at History and other animals

Evidence that natural eyesight restoration WORKS:


Plus 100,000s websites

Top tips:
1. Do not wear glasses
2. Do not stare or strain eyes. (Bad vision habits)
3. When viewing something turn your eyes to see it rather than tilting/turning your head.
4. Try not to intimidate other people
5. Don’t be selfish or full of self-importance. Put other peoples interests first (family/friends) Ensure your efforts are for their interest and not yours. Dont FORCE people to like your favors. Doing this would only be self-interest at work.
6. Make sure your smile is wide and have good awareness of what your lips are doing. Avoid having forward head posture. Always breathe through your nose and dont be afraid of friendly hand gestures and/or physical contact.
7.Do not try to force people to want to stare at you or force random strangers to think about you.
8. Do not force strangers to understand your lifestyle/approach. At the same time they should not be forcing you to understand them. Its worth remembering that in busy places most people around you are strangers who while appearing nice and friendly have no real intention to know you personally.
9. Do not be afraid of having a uncomplicated mind. This means avoiding an over-complicated mind or setting up a block to prevent other people from understanding you.
10. (If male) allow females to have confidence in themselves and allow for them to show that confidence in parties/special occasions. Allow females to resolve disputes via themselves.
11. Do not behave in a way that leqda you to watch your back all the time
12. Have a depth of perception/awareness in group circumstances. Be able to aware of other people potentially struggling or being insecure.

11. Remember the saying “It takes one to know one”. If you are aware of negative, annoying traits in other people you should be cautious as this criticism may apply to yourself also.
12. Set no limit to how relaxed you are. Avoid places, people that cause unnecessary chronic stress/worry.
13. Avoid the complainer/whinger attitude.
14. Try to avoid artificial sources of EMF radiation. Wifi, tv/radio broadcast towers, phone masts, overhead power cables, power meters.. These will either be emitting microwave energy or LF energy. Both can lead to illness, unclear thinking or in worst cases death.
15. Social sensitivity is a strength not weakness

Another tip to remember is that the eyes are an organ. People with myopic vision are treating their eyes as a failed organ. A failed organ will mean one showing a lack of movement and function.

‘Failed organ’ means:
a) The pupils are constantly dilated and unresponsive. In strong sunlight the eyes suffer excessive exposure to light.
b) The ciliary muscles inside the eye are not function, leading to an inability to switch between near vision and far vision.
c) The retina (back wall of the eyeball) is inflexible. It will never adjust forward or backwards (which is again not the norm for normal eyes).

‘Restore your eyesight naturally YOURSELF – No Lasik, No Lasek’
©2012 D Beaumont

* Watching TV can encourage staring and the person to exert more control over their surroundings. This behavioral trait can have a negative impact on quality of eyesight. Research indicates myopic people spend more time watching tv and less time outdoors than the average person.

** Check out youtube channels ‘RestoreeyesightNow’ and ‘NaturalEyesight101’ for free videos aimed at natural eyesight restoration.

*** Sources:
1. Smith, Earl L. (2011) Prentice Award Lecture 2010: A Case for Peripheral Optical Treatment Strategies for Myopia.

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3. Li-Fang Hung, Ramkumar Ramamirtham, Juan Huang, Ying Qiao-Grider, and Earl L. Smith, III. (2008) Peripheral refraction in normal infant rhesus monkeys.



26 thoughts on “Restore your eyesight naturally YOURSELF – (Myopia)

  1. hello I am 16 years old I can't see properly but some times suddenly I see things properly but this remains only for seconds what you will recommend for me and. I don't use glasses is well

  2. I can see clear but it's Turing into brown! #regrets KIDS LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHERS Im 17 gamer good leader in any games and i regret all ive done now im embarrares now, because of my water red brow n eyes. If anyone know how to fix eyes turning into brown/red please tell me.

  3. Hi, When i was a Child i used to see the sun directly and and when i
    grew up i realised that i eyesight was getting worse.. Now i am at a
    point when i am not confident to take an eye test so if anyone could
    help my by suggesting exercises and all plz do Thank You
    In a Need For help!!

  4. I've had bad vision since I was very little. Now I cannot see anything without my glasses, it constantly strains my eyes to take them off: words will disappear off of pages (Im not talking little black blurry smudges, i mean It will literally look like im looking at a blank white page) it would be dangerous for me to go out into the world without my contacts or glasses.

  5. I heard about this when I was 20++ some FORTY years ago… It DOESN'T work!You can't cite verified cases of healing – other than MAYBE extremely mild vision problems.This teach is nearly a century old… If it worked there'd be MANY confirmed cases!

  6. I believe that this is a good and healthy method unlike lasik, which might affect me with complications. Both sides are -5.75, I would bump to people in the open not wearing glasses. I have got to admit that I have gaming addiction problems in the past but have changed it. Do i require any additional glasses like a reduced lens prescription for this method? I am using my old glasses I checked which is -4 plus but its not the same for both sides.

  7. This is unscientific nonsense. Myopia is caused by slightly deformed non-spherical eyeballs, which position the retinas such that a smaller range of focal distances can be created by the lens in the corneas – working exactly like a macro extension tube for SLR cameras – you can focus extremely close up, but can never focus on infinity. Eye exercises can only help with delaying Presbyopia, the longsightedness everyone gets as the muscles in our corneas weaken with age.
    How do I know? I have -9.5 dioptres of myopia myself (I wear glasses and contacts).
    If you want to reduce eye strain from working with screens all day, remember the 20/20/20 rule: Every 20 minutes, focus on something at least 20 metres away for at least 20 seconeds.

  8. Interesting about periphal vision. I'd not thought about that. It's prompted me to do more research on it. Thanks for sharing. I think good vision is about psychology, exercise and treating the body kindly. BTW my vision has improved but I am still -4.25. And since applying these principles I've noticed a difference. Freeing yourself from negative thoughts is a biggie in my book. Have a great day everyone.☺

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