Remember What You Read – How To Memorize What You Read!

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Do you have trouble remember what you studied? This video is about how to remember what you studied

We have all read a page and then 5 minutes later don’t remember what we just read. There is a simple process that you can follow to remember what you read.

To remember what you read:

1. Don’t try to memorize as you read but instead highlight or underline the key words
2. Use the Mind Palace technique
3. Create pictures for all the words you have highlighted or underlines
4. See these pictures in your mind palace
5. Segment chapters by using rooms
6. Create pictures for dates if it is a history book

The main thing in remembering what you read is not to try to memorize as you read but take notes and then later go back and use the mind palace technique to remember what you have read. This works for students wanting to improve their memory for what they have read or business professionals wanting to remember what they have read

Follow these steps and this is how you remember what you studied

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