Relaxation Music – 8 HOURS Meditation Candle

A subscriber request. An 8 HOUR version of one of our most popular videos. Use either with the volume off, or let the most serene relaxing music gently enhance your meditation experience.
Expand to full screen and use for meditation, or as a living background wallpaper.

Music: “Relax” by Davgar:

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49 thoughts on “Relaxation Music – 8 HOURS Meditation Candle

  1. The first time 2014 in the Shaolin Temple Europe (Otterberg) belongs! Learned meditating and with the novice Shi Xou Long, in the woods by a stream, immersed in meditation for 3 hours, this beautiful song belongs … nothing relaxes anymore!

    Thanks for everything AND for that! love and peace 🙏

  2. 8 years since my first dog taken away before her 5th birthday I listen to this to remember her it hard with out her it nearly her 8th anniversary and nearly her 13th birthday she is my close friend I feel hard without her I miss you sweetheart you always in my heart R.I.P Amber xxxxx😢😢😢💔💔💔🐕

  3. My 2 son's, 1 of which is in this picture, love to put this on before bedtime. I started listening to this 6 yrs ago and now their 8 and 13 and they still sleep like babies to it!!

  4. No one will stay hundred years in this beautiful planet so let's star to get ready in our way of living let's make a difference in something positive for thoses who stay behind…

  5. My daughter who is five years now and I have been listening to this calming music since 5 years now…. rather 6 years, when I was pregnant with her… even right now the meditation music is on while I m writing this comment

  6. I like very much this music and video as they help me fill up my body with energy and heal it. Besides your video can be used in healing of eyes via watching the flame of candle until tears. Plus the music is very relaxing. Thank you!

  7. do 10 hours of meditation candle + i liked

  8. So is love so kind to say of a phrase or word this way? To be in a place to share the love of thee. To touch a mind or soul or even cherish a thought or even to adore? So love happens this way in so many ways, to smile to laugh to sing to be a part of everything and everywhere. To listen and feel with all to explore what makes us move from here to there in that vibration of loves way. Be it not made of just a pillow of talk or a gesture of self , be it made to share of each for each soul to bare the living touch of each to inspire a word or feeling to be in that moment so ever so great or even in the calm of looking into one’s self ..bring me not of yesterday , bring me todays love of what is learned from yesterday to grow big in each place we seek to find what is meant of our love to seek that which God empowered us to live life for the sake of who we are. Written by Jeff Martinez

  9. Out of nowhere, I started having weird problems with going to sleep. I couldn't fall asleep as easily as I used to. I had used this music before and it really helped! So when I decided to try it I had confidence that it was going to work, and it did! Thank you for helping me get sleep every ight! 🙂

  10. I've been coming back to this music for a couple years now. It comes to my memory when I need it! This music has an immediate effect on me and aids me in getting in touch with what I've buried. It has been soothing and healing to my heart. Thank you for allowing the creative energy to flow through you and touch our lives!

  11. Hello Honest Guys, of all the recordings out there, this is my favorite. It has proven invaluable beyond measure. My Sister's now a fan as well. Thank You. Thank You!!

  12. We use this for our children in relaxation. They have autism and needs to relax during their school everyday. This video is being used by us EVERY DAY. One of the girls even plays it herself sometimes when she doing a puzzle.
    Very important for us is No voice and no commercials in the middle of the video. We would be glad if you did more like this one. Ocean with piano is also a good video, but is a little more stressing in some of the piano parts. Great work, please do more.
    – From me and a class of 6 autistic 🙂 Thank you very much

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