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  1. Came to this video to ask for advice. I have liked one of my best friends for a while now. I had told her that I liked her a while ago, and she said that she hadn't liked me back in that way. I proceeded to try to just be her friend and also stop talking to her a couple times (both failed).
    Now whenever I talk to her, I'm reminded that there is no hope and I may just be wasting my time and I should just try harder to find someone else.

    Do you think I should maybe stay and wait for her as I'm seeing a small sliver of hope?
    Or should I maybe try talking to her less (to avoid liking her) and start trying to find other people (even though I'll still be liking her while dating them)?
    I've been kinda stuck and I honestly don't know what to do right now.
    I don't want to avoid my friend and date people I don't like but I also don't want to wait for something that most likely won't happen.

  2. You have good content, but this one I have to disagree! If you want to be a white Knight and a mangina then by all means take this advice! To hell with all these psychological mumbo jumbo BS! Take women of the pedestal and stop worshiping their " golden vagina" ??‍♂️

  3. Your purpose must come before your relationship. This is the truest thing I ever heard. I think Proverbs says, "Do not give your strength to women." Why, a woman is a helpmate, and she is there to help the man, not there to be the purpose of the man, i.e to be put on a pedestal, at the end of the day, if you lose your purpose in life, like you being a hunter gatherer etc, you have lost your life. If you are the warrior, protector, breadwinner, and you stop being that just to be hers, you are not only jeopardizing your relationship but your own life.

  4. Great video. It's a shame to see all the hate in the comments from boys who have never really experienced a feminine woman. Every point on this video rings true, keep your masculine women who like football and say "bruh"

  5. I think what needs to be clarified here is that what he is saying is what's required to create massive attraction on a biological level which is often contradictive or counter intuitive on a conscious level. It's not about women not taking responsibility for themselves or not offering much in a relationship. They should still do all those things but on a unconscious level feminine women are massively unconsciously attracted to masculine men who can take charge! Guys if you want more sex than listen to what he's saying….

  6. Well, in my experience this video makes a lot of sense and answers why I have failed in my last relastionship. Truly…

    But! If the guy acts like this, what is left for the feminine role? This is a question that is hunting me for the last two weeks since I watched this video for the first time.

    I'm not being extreme, I understand that this is not a role of manipulation, is a role of leadership. But when doing like this I feel that I can't rely on my partner for almost anything… Please, bring clarity to my mind! 😀

  7. If someone needs a guide manual to be understood it's not worth wasting time on them, a person should know what he/she needs and be able to ask for it and be clear, if a relationship is like algorithm solving then you're better off spending your time on more interesting stuff.

  8. In a relationship it's fifty-fifty. It does not mean the guy has to make 100% of the decisions or leading his girlfriend all the time !
    You're a macho man !

  9. it's lack of communication, but most people get to be married to be happy but that's wrong, I'm a married man, and my experience is that we are to serve them but we are to lead them to act and that by leading them and talking with them.

  10. Nice video. I think the majority of girls are more likely to follow what you want. This such a skillfully put video because I remember when I was somewhat shy to talk to women at points of my life. And truthfully speaking. Most woman are the same. They just want someone to make decisions for them. And I even think sometimes at the highest level of what you think a hot girl or perfect mate may seem to you (That you want) They still have the same brain. They want you to make the decisions most of the time.

  11. wow. i love your channel… but this was horrible. i make my own decisions. when i want something, i reach for it (and i' happily married)… to generalise and stereotype women based on ideas of the 15th century is so myopic and sad in this day and age. sigh. i understand you're talking about feminine and masculine energies, but dont you think, today, there is room for equality. whether it is purpose or sex or appearances or decision-making, there is no excuse to feed into these limiting, regressive mindsets today :/

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