Reject self gratification to attain devotion – Swami Mukundananda

DescriptionIn bhakti one should reject all kind of pleasure. Sage Narad says, “bhakti is done not for self pleasure but the pleasure of God.” When we seek God’s pleasure it becomes love and when we seek our own pleasure it becomes lust.

Extract from “Bhakti Shatak” lecture series.

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22 thoughts on “Reject self gratification to attain devotion – Swami Mukundananda

  1. Every time I get disappointed with not getting something I desired in this world, I immediately see this video by Swamiji. Then I get clarity in my mind, if Swamiji asks to give up pleasures of Bhrama lok, then giving up my small world desires is nothing. Thanks Swamiji for such a powerful video. Radhey Radhey.

  2. The important thing in Bhakti is that we have to reject all the happiness. Bhakti is for our beloved Krishna's happiness not for us. Once we do everything for the pleasure of our beloved Krishna, it becomes pure love and helps us to grow in the path of Bhakti. Swamiji has explained so well, it touched my heart.

  3. If anyone can comprehend this concept and start following on the path of selfless devotion, they hardly fall down from that path and can make very quick progress in devotion. Swamiji has explained this very nicely.

  4. प्रेम पियाला जो पिये, शीश दक्षिणा देय |
    लोभि शीश न दे सकें, नाम प्रेम का लेय ||

  5. The art of devotion->reject self gratification. Such a powerful message by Swamiji, very logical and the scriptural references are so deep and meaningful. The real gem for a devotee.

  6. jay radhekrishna,,muchos se preguntan quien soy yo ,sere yo un dios ,la respuesta a esto esta en el bhagavadgiitaa kapitulo15 verso 7 dice mama eva amsha jiivaloke,,jiivabhuuta sanaatanah,,,,manah shashthaani indriyaani prakritih sthaani karsati dice bhagavankrishna aqui ciertamente mi framentos osea mi porsines son la semilla en el mundo un el universo,son los jiivabhuuta osea lar entidades viviente y son esterna,,,,,los 6 sentido osea la mente y los 5 sentido estan luchando esforsandose en prakriti en la naturaleza material

  7. Very nice explanation by Swami Mukundananda ji… The difference between love and lust. We have to be selfless in order to attain the Divine Love for God. Swamiji mentioned the selfless love principle explained by Sage Narad Muni that we have to seek only the pleasure of God but not our own happiness.

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