20 thoughts on “Reiki Treatment Session

  1. I'm not huge on this but I can say a couple of things about it. I've had this done by a friend before when I went into a painful attack in my abdomen. I was in so much pain I was desperate for anything to work. I focused on what she said and felt the pain significantly shrink and go down and out my feet. In my head? Sure, maybe…but it worked. Also, focusing on what she said gave me the most relaxing, tingle sensation I've ever had in my life. So basically, it depends on what relaxes you.

  2. Who says medication works? Could be a bunch of bullshit ingredients put together, giving a name no one can pronounce and sold, Placebo Effect, I've never had Reiki done, but shit it's natural unlike taking pills 2 times a day.

  3. You and I are Human, we can't communicate with every energy in this Universe. Wi-fi? Cant see it, can't hear it, taste it, smell it. It's there though. Oxygen? Gas? Radiation? Pheromones? Infrared light? Bacteria & Viruses? All energy I can't communicate with as a Human. Ki, Chi, Prana, Spirit, life force energy – all energy I can't directly communicate with as a Human. Open your mind, Human.

  4. What a "nice" little scam. You give people false hope, take their money, and all you do is put your hands on someone. And then you've got people who know you're scamming people who will defend your reprehensible behavior with some pseudo-enlightened "placebo effect" argument.

  5. Well, I came here curious about reiki and I'm not disappointed. A bit relieved it seems to not be some satanic ritual or anything like that. My analysis of it is basically contact therapy, but with lore comparable to the force behind it.

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