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  1. doesn't really answer what happened to nitrogen. Does it diffuse into the capillaries and enter the circulation or there is a mechanism to filter nitrogen gas out before blood returned to the heart?

  2. So it's plasma that gets to carry carbon dioxide to the heart and not rbcs?….what about allosteric inhibition? Where you mentioned co2 binding to hemoglobin

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  4. You are indeed wrong about sight. When light comes down every wavelength of light but that of what you see is absorbed. The light, this time from red blood cells, is red so thats is what is reflected and seen by you.

  5. around 12:53 he is saying that because the light of the wavelength of red light is being reflected by oxygenated hemoglobin we perceivably see the RBCs reddish
    This contradicts with what I believe to know:
    If we see the color red, it's not because red is being reflected, but absorbed and all the other wavelengths of the spectrum of the visible light are being reflected; our brain receives the signal that 'red' is missing and interprets us the color as being red; please correct me if Im wrong

  6. pretty sure i have learned that the vein is actually blue and the blood does not give it that color. deoxygenated blood is dark maroon and the material of the vein is blue.

  7. @reddogpremier He meant like the shape of cough drops. That's what they're called! Lozenages or something like that haha. Just look up what Ricola is shaped like, or Halls Cough Drops.

  8. I read that nitrogen doesn't get into the blood because at normal pressure it doesn't dissolve into water. That's a reason why we can't stay to long under high pressure, because are blood gets intoxicated with nitrogen.

  9. Kind sir, thank you so much for your videos. I was about to smash by laptop and burn my textbooks and check myself into the crazy house and then i found your videos! You make science fun too learn and easy to understand. Your like a modern Bill Nye.

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