Receive Messages & Blessings from Spirit Guides/Guardian Angels | Guided Meditation

During this meditation you will connect to the energy and the essence of what many call spirit guides or guardian angels or divine source who is always with us, who helps us on our path of growth and becoming. In this connection you will find space to feel and receive love, support, guidance and peace in your life.

Big LOVE, Rasa.

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Music – ‘Quietude’ by Christopher Lloyd Clarke


32 thoughts on “Receive Messages & Blessings from Spirit Guides/Guardian Angels | Guided Meditation

  1. Woow… It was amazing… Thank you… I felt two angels who caught my hands. They made me feel that they are with me every day, they love me. During this meditation, my hands, which were lying freely on my stomach, slowly began to rise by themselves. I truly felt that they were holding me.

  2. I will be working with spiritualist this year onwards made a commitment this week with all I did over the decades being a medium worked in England and supported open circle now returning back towards platform work as well as work i Di as private medium over the years snd decades. ,I move on from Europe this month at distant in business and connect with the local spiritualist Iworked with in greater Manchester next month SNC get permanent connection s I get spirit visitors slot my recent partner who past away august 2017 also my great aunties visit me who was mediums That's a future commitment. Today made and I do get my messages from my meditations and do this in churches every week get my own future messages as well as messages for others that's sorted for my future and were Stuart is concerned he s best on here and better for my future than others as he is clairvoyant Spiritualist like my self and perceptive on every psychic level gifted like my self on every dimension thanks Steve Davies on 00353)62)82576

  3. For some reason I've been meditating for months now and I don't know what I'm doing wrong. But still no spirit guides. Still meditate but not fully meditating. Someone help me!!

  4. The most beautiful experience ever 🙌🙏🏻first attempt I fell asleep and forgot the dream I had I tried again and I got enough information and seen my soul family I didn’t want to leave had tears of joy at the end it was too emotional so many people came through I felt sooo loved and precious don’t know how to thank you.GOD bless you more.

  5. I dont know if my spirit guide spoke to me but I dreamt of spirit in a room I was in and the ones name was deam and the other was Shaun or Shane and the message to me was to unblock my 3rd eye the spirit hugged me from behind and I asked who it was he said guess then I said dean he said no then he told me his full name and surname and said I would know if I didn't block my 3rd eye then I woke up

  6. I am so happy with this meditation, I can say I didn’t completely follow it but that’s only because I got a strong connection and connected with my angel and then who I wanted to connect with and had a conversation. It was pure magic. Right before I left the meditation I saw several animals that I assume to be my spirit animals atm or in general. Then I felt as if I fell back into my body, an experience I am so grateful for!

  7. I did this 5 months ago and i didnt get anything. Just now i did it again and i felt tingling on the crown and third eye area. I also saw clouds of color appear and disperse. I was asking to see my spirit guide or to get his/her name but that didnt happen this time. Thank you Rasa for your beautiful meditations.

  8. new subscriber… i have been trying to develop my connection for a year now. i found you rasa and listened to this and never felt so closely connected. thank you for sharing your gift 💖

  9. I had a dream where I went to a realm of pure peace and love. It was colorful and beautiful. When I came out I was transporting to different places where my family who still is alive was. Jumping in the air and floating back down as I portaled through their homes sharing information of the truth of love and our essence. They still didnt understand me. I have been trying so hard to wake my family up, and it was a sign that even if I did some crazy magic tricks, they still wouldnt listen. I have come to peace with them not accepting my spiritual journey or the truth. They will learn it when they pass on from this life. Thank you.

  10. what if ur not ready yet to see them in physical form or hear them talking to you? i hear our angels wont enter our lives without our consent, so how can i ask for help/protection etc without seeing their physical form or hearing their voice? can i ask for their guidance in other forms? do i get a choice?

  11. Maybe someone can help me out here.When I'm in bed I have a man that gets in bed with me when I'm asleep,he won't show his face but makes passionate love to me. Anyone know who it could be?

  12. I love this meditation. I feel so light and lively and I feel so very relaxed and calm. Helps with my clarity of thought and health. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  13. Felt like a stern/powerful energy; that's why I was afraid/intimidated at first. It slowly started to feel like Gravity was shutting down and everything was SO heavy, even my breathing became slow and difficult. I started out sitting up but felt so heavy that I had to lay down. While laying down it felt like the presence was on my right side holding my hand. My chest, the right side of my face, my hands and ankles felt pulled/weighted down. Also felt like I was helped to breathe a little easier. Is this a way to tell me to get grounded? I've meditated before feeling bright and light, but this time was the polar opposite; dim and heavy…however I am now relaxed and everything feels so soree

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