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  1. Military Spy Weapon that Monitors the Brain

    Brain monitoring devices

    Victims experience different things depending what the operators do at different stages. Sometimes, the operators will perform quick random hybrid testing. Here are the stages of torture I have suffered physically:

    • Brain monitoring
    Use a brain reader to spy on and record the victim’s thoughts and what the victim sees. The victim does not feel anything physically or hear any sound. 

    • Brain language interpretation system
    Access and analyse thoughts inside the brain and interpret the information. 

    • Sound frequency transmission
    Transmit sounds to the victim. Those audio recorder pens available in the market are not able to record the sounds, but the victim can hear them. The sounds are not audible to others. The operators use a device to control whether or not the victim can hear the sounds. 
    – High-frequency buzz with low-frequency vibration is caused by the operators controlling the frequency. The victim will experience ear swelling and pain or a tingling sensation in his or her eardrums.
    – The victim is still able to hear the long buzzing sound. Normal buzzing sound usually does not come with constant long, high-pitched sound. There are very minor pitch differences to differentiate the buzzing sound, e.g.:
     “sa sa” sound produced by television or sand
     constant long, high-pitched sound
     long, low-pitched sound produced by television (steady volume level)

    • Low-frequency vibration
    Silent high and low frequencies are used to vibrate body parts mostly to torture the victim to make him or her yield. It feels like the vibration one feels when standing near a large speaker. The frequency and extent of the vibration can be adjusted. The frequency must be different from the heart rate for the victim to be able to differentiate it clearly.     
    – Transmission of vibration frequency is an aid. When the vibrations are being sent out, it does not mean that the operators are transmitting information at the same time. Sometimes, the spy will send out single repetitive, fast, low-frequency vibrations to torture the victim.
    – Sensation felt in the brain, chest and ears.
    – Fast frequency may cause: giddiness, headache, mild feeling of brain concussion, blurred vision, tightness in chest, breathing difficulty, arrhythmia (illusion) 
    – A torture method that targets the brain area to cause pain in certain parts of the body: Target strong, fast low-frequency vibrations and long buzzing sounds at the brain area for 24 hours a day for a long period of time. After six months, it will cause fever or elevated body temperature, headache and giddiness every two to three days. Every time, the headache will be at about four fingers to the right and the left from the middle of the top of the head. If the left side is painful, the right side will be numb, vice versa. This is not a standard symptom. There are many ways to achieve this. If high-frequency vibrations are used at the same time, it will cause pain in the head or other parts of the body concurrently.          
    – Able to hear the conversations between more than two operators. Use slow low-frequency vibrations (targeted at the heart or other parts of the body) and sound frequencies (long buzzing sounds). Can be operated by two people concurrently and used on two body parts. Information is differentiated using speed. 
    – Use strong, fast low-frequency vibrations that are faster than the heart rate to cause the victim to feel chest discomfort, difficulty in breathing and irregular heart rhythm.
    – If the victim is walking or exercising, high-frequency vibrations must be used to transmit information. During or after exercising, the victim will not be able to feel the vibration because his or her heart is beating very fast. The operators will use sound frequency to transmit information.  
    – At slow frequency, the operators will speak at a rate slower than heart rate. Without sound frequency to help with the transmission, the victim is able to read the information in an idle state.  

    • High-frequency vibration
    Used to warn or torture the victim. May be divided into the following three methods:
    1. Constant tingling sensation – Frequency is the same as that used in laser guns used for medical aesthetics purposes. Burning sensation. If used on organs such as the heart, it will cause agonizing angina.
    2. Constant sensation of electric current flowing through
    3. Quick electric shock sensation – Feels like being pricked by a needle. If the electric shock is strong, the victim may wake up from sleep with a scare.  

    • Satellite surveillance 
    Use satellite to transmit images to see clearly the surroundings of a moving victim and the people and things the victim has contact with. 

    • Voice and video recorder 
    Record the victim’s thoughts and actions. May be used to hypnotise the victim.
    Hypnotise the victim using edited brain language of the victim after having spies collect recordings of the victim’s brain language and observing the victim’s weaknesses for a long period of time. If the victim does not have a firm mind, he or she will very easily follow the hypnosis instructions, thinking that it is his or her own thoughts.

    Using ignorant civilians as guinea pigs

    Except when due to mental problems or religious reasons, long buzzing sounds, strong static electricity shock, tingling sensation from electric shock, heart palpitation, chest tightness, headache, giddiness, mild hallucination, etc., make people believe that their body is sending out warning signals and that what they are experiencing are caused by stress and external environment. Physical examinations will show nothing. What is really happening is that they are being affected by brain monitoring.  

    The ignorant people and psychiatrists are not well-informed, the government is hiding the truth and shirking its responsibilities and intelligence agencies are withholding information. As such, the victims think that the problem lies with them and end up with mental illnesses. When it comes to brain monitoring, those who are not professional psychiatrists and those who have not actually experienced it can only refer to the mental illness symptoms found in books to guess what the person with mental illness may be having. The so-called mental illness is nothing but a name decided by the psychiatrist association through voting.
    WARNING: Important individuals from your country may be being monitored with a brain monitoring device and important information may have been leaked through a military spy weapon that monitors the brain.
    Victim declared the following:

    My experience as a victim for three years proves that the Taiwanese brain monitoring operators are able to spy on people in Mainland China, Australia, Singapore and South Korea freely. After setting a human target, the brain monitoring device is able to spy on this person 24 hours a day. If the person being spied on, i.e. the victim, interacts with other people, the brain monitoring officers will also be able to read their thoughts freely as well.

    Feeling indignant that the brain monitoring team members, who had neglected their duty, were using a government device for personal purposes, I took China Airlines and Cathay Pacific flights to different countries to search for places that were not being spied on. I did not bring along any laptop, mobile phone, electronic devices, and there were no tracking devices on my personal hygiene articles and clothes; and I did not bring along any items that belongs to others. However, throughout the entire flight journey, including taking off and landing, I could hear the brain monitoring operators deliberately disclosing spy information. This is definitely not a form of spying that ordinary pinhole surveillance cameras and organisations are capable of achieving.

    While sending brain information to and talking with the brain monitoring operators, I could tell based on my knowledge of the local culture and the accent that they were Taiwanese. There were three teams. They worked shifts 24 hours a day, with three operators per shift. The brain monitoring operators see my going public with this letter as betraying Taiwan. As such, they want me to commit suicide. Day in and day out, they torture me using low-frequency vibrations. I have a constant headache and recurring fever. My vision is blurred and my head is splitting. They hope that with me in fear and feeling mentally and physically exhausted I will not be able to expose the secret.

    I believe that military technology professionals are able to find out the truth by determining what devices are able to transmit brain-monitoring information. There are transmission records for all signals, whether they are sent through satellite, network devices or cross-border signal transmission devices.

    I am not a volunteer. I did not sign any relevant documents. Before I was being monitored, my physical examination results were very good. I did not smoke, drink or use drug. I did not have any bad habits. I was careful with my diet and did not share food with strangers. I was in good health, mentally and physically. I did not have any surgery. I did not have nightmare and I did not sleepwalk. I had a simple social life, maintaining normal relationships with my male and female friends. I did not make any enemy or have any debts. My family was simple; no one in my family was involved in political activities. I studied arts in university. My work had nothing to do with high-tech electronic products.   

    This event all started in Taipei on 2011 with a man called Gordon Xue, Taiwanese name as Xue yong-Sheng, the only person who has actual contact with me and who is involved in brain monitoring, declared the following:

    I used to work for the government. I could use the express lane at customs. Currently, I am helping my family acquire hospitals through legitimate and illegitimate means. My father was previously a senior management member of X Group. My uncle is the owner of a screen manufacturing company. He was once named one of the richest men in Asia. Chiang Ching-kuo attended my parents’ wedding to congratulate them (Once, he show me photographs to prove this). My mother used to manage a property insurance company, and my maternal grandfather was a retired official. My mother later remarried to someone whose family owned a Taiwanese shipbuilding company and had mafia connections. 

    I saw with my own eyes that while following and protecting him, every one of his bodyguards, who were not wearing earphones and had not taken any phone calls, knew exactly what to do and when to leave. These bodyguards prove that unforeseen circumstances cannot be prevented even with using brain monitoring to transmit information.  

    As at the time I finished writing this letter in 2014, I was still being tortured.  

  2. I'm really interested in the VR applications of this tech. Being able to read intended movements, emotions, facial expressions, etc, would be fantastic in a VR environment! It would remove the need for motion tracking and facial recognition tech. The only issues after this is high resolution, immersive displays, which we have some great contenders for now, and perhaps even some way to safely prevent the movement signals from moving our actual bodies. This already occurs when we sleep, maybe there's some way to take advantage of that? Ultimately it'd be awesome to control the brain so perfectly that we could plant whatever input we wanted, and make it see and experience anything we wanted. Like input taken from an online virtual world, and from other participants in that world. Why develop a VDU when the brain is the greatest VDU and processor there is?

  3. 15yrs. ago DARPA developed a computer that could see things through a persons eyes and recover memories from a persons brain. the computer could also ask the person a question and tell if his reply was truthful or not.

  4. @13raisydaisy13 who cares if US will keep the technology for themselves or not. I'm from sweden and I don't care but USA will gain money on this moron the more people who can do things themselves the more people can work and the more tax money goes back into the state.

  5. @nonconservative Dude, did you even see the video that this technology can help people with severe disabilities? Technology can be used badly in wrong hands, but to suggest that all these scientists all over the world working on cutting edge research and technologies are conspiring against the human race and are a part of the sinister plan does not show much objectivity or critical thinking on your part.

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