RailsConf 2019 – Mindfulness and Meditation for the Uncertain Mind by Rufo Sanchez

RailsConf 2019 – Mindfulness and Meditation for the Uncertain Mind by Rufo Sanchez


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In recent years, mindfulness and meditation have both become capital-B Buzzwords. It’s hard to read anything about mental health or “wellness” without a mention, and meditation apps and services are a dime a dozen. Are you curious what they mean?… but also not really sure if they’re for you, or worried they’re for hippies or otherwise, y’know, not actually real?

Trust me, I wondered the same thing. In this talk, we’ll go over what mindfulness and meditation can be: effective tools to help observe the emotional reactions and thought patterns that rule our day – and our interactions with other humans – without us even realizing it. We’ll cover the basics in an objective, non-judgmental way, you’ll finally figure out what mindfulness and meditation are, and you’ll come away with resources to start becoming more mindful in your own life.


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