Quantum Galactic Healing Hangout: Crystalline Meditation (Cellular/ Innate Body)

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Your Cellular Prime Directive:

To do Everything it can for you to allow an Awakening to take place. To allow Humanity to go across the Bridge and move into an Ascended Planet status. Spiritual Survival and Spiritual Awareness.

What is Innate?

It is your Smart Body
It is everywhere in your DNA
It is You and knows All of your Past Lives

No one Organ is responsible for the Innate. It is body-wide.
It is responsible for spontaneous remission overnight
For tissue to grow at an accelerated rate overnight
It lets the body know which Cell it needs and where it needs it.
It allows your body to repair itself.

The Innate is connected to the Higher Self; to your Akashic Records
It is your Intuition, your own Medical Intuitive, your Perfect Health , and your Perfect Spiritual Programming.
That is the Power and Miracle of the Innate.

KARMA is in the DNA and Innate governs it.
It is time to reprogram what your Innate considers Your Survival

The process the crosses the Bridge from the Corporeal Self to the Innate is “Pure Intent”
Your Free Choice is needed to De-program your Innate

Drop your Karma.
Talk to your Body
Talk to your Cells
Drop the Energy of the Past
Connect to your Library of Wisdom

State “I am done with the Energy of the Past. I drop the Karma. I move forward!”

Your consciousness of Pure Intent is KING!

Create the Beliefs that Serve you.
Release the Beliefs that no longer serve you.

Love Yourself!

Fashion and Polish and Shape your Diamond in the rough.

From this Friday, all the way to the Blood Moon on September 28th, 2015, we will be focusing on shifting our awareness from our Carbon based Self to our Divine Crystalline Being.

Awaken, Bless, and Love the Crystalline Self.
Thank your Cellular/Innate Body for Being a part of You.

Bring your Body, Crystals, and Water for Clearing and Healing.
Pets are welcome too!

Join the friends of Quantum Galactic Society for an evening of Cosmic Love

Every Friday at 4PM EST/ 9PM GMT

To participate download the Google+ Hangout app. https://plus.google.com/hangouts and find the Quantum Galactic Society Page.

This event is Free to participate

Donations are Welcome
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Hathor Toner, Counselor, Distant Energy Healer
Private Session Rate: $80 for 30 Minutes.

Book a Session with Sarah: QuantumGalacticSociety@gmail.com or Skype: QuantumGalactic01

Thank You for Watching the Quantum Galactic Society Videos and Supporting the Community.

The Healing I offer depends solely on your Intentions and Beliefs. The tones, themselves, come from Source.

Much Love to All!

*Healing for the Mind, Body, and Spirit*


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