Proposed Changes to Federal Regulations for Human Research (Common Rule)

Nashville, TN Session 1: Requiring Consent for Research with Biospecimens and Allowing Broad Consent

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One thought on “Proposed Changes to Federal Regulations for Human Research (Common Rule)

  1. People are not being informed in many cases. Rather, an individual's siblings can be coerced into enrolling people into what are termed surveillance programs, but which are essentially psychological warfare/neutralization campaigns with politically motivated outcomes. In most cases, victims are never informed. It may take years for them to uncover documentation related to human experimentation, legalized counter intelligence programs and military involvement in domestic psychological warfare.

    Informed consent has become quite a misnomer. Some of the worst offenders appear to be the Department of Energy and of course branches of the U.S. military, who have always had such an interest in behavior modification and brain mapping/entrainment technology. Behind all of the legalese and institutional sophistry is simply the new face of torture and politically motivated assassination. The delusion that governments, Armies and the covert community have lost interest in suppressing dissent and controlling populations seems sadly equal to the institutional increase in these social control mechanisms.

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