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  1. These Christianity want to rule the world. That is the reason they wan to destroy Muslims and Hindus from the world to prove that they are the only religion which was in the world. They very well know that Hindus are the only real religion which has all proof but unfortunately our fucking Government / politicians are all behind money and dont want to show intrest to bring it out. Shame on INDIAN politics.

  2. Essa guerra NUCLEAR está no PAPEL intitulado de inspirado, portanto, o CdLB/bíblia é um PLÁGIO.

    É só conferir em JEREMIAS que, onde guerra dos 'deuses', colocaram IRA DE 'deus'.

    Portanto, a bíblia é um PLÁGIO de outras culturas onde nem se imaginava em existir PAPEL !!!

    Parabéns e por compartilhar.


    The biggest, basic, real and most important issue of world is last prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Because all big wars between Islam and Kufr / Non-Islam or between Muslims and Non-Muslims are by him. Because only he introduced the Holy Quran, Hadith, God of Islam “Almighty Allah” and religion “Islam” completely.


    So if any Non-Muslims of world proved false hood of his prophet hood on T.V Channels of world by nature "Earth" that his dead body has decayed in his grave and the "Earth" of his grave consumed his dead body, then Islam and Muslims will be finished from the world easily without wars forever. Because it is a belief of Islam and all Muslims that dead body of last prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is preserved from decay in his grave still this time in City Medina Saudi Arabia.

    (3) The proof on this belief is a hadith which Narrated by Aws ibn Aws “ The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “….Allah, the Exalted, has prohibited the earth from consuming the bodies of Prophets". And he was claimed in many verses of Holy Quran and in many hadiths too that he is a last prophet from prophets of Islam. So, according to this hadith nature "Earth" didn't consume his dead body by order of God of Islam, God Creator "Almighty Allah". If he wasn't a Messenger of God Creator, then why the Earth didn't consume his dead body?

    (4)But if Non-Muslims wants to see the safe dead body of last prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in intact condition with his own eyes, then he should see a safe foot of a Muslim Martyr “Baba Ayoub Kurdi” (peace be upon him) which is out of his grave since centuries in intact condition in village “ Akrad-e-Ayyubia” in foothill of mountain “ Qasion” in Damascus, Syria. Because he was his follower.

    So, if dead body of true follower of Muhammad (pbuh)is preserved from decay on Erath since centuries, then it is necessary that the dead body of Muhammad (pbuh) also should be safe in his grave in intact condition since centuries.

    (5) So is there any Non-Muslims who can refute this neutral, natural, irrefutable and observable proof on world media or prove on world media that dead body of last prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has decayed in his grave ? Not and never not.

    I think if Muslims of world preached above research to 5 Billion Non-Muslims like Hindus, Jews, Christians etc of world in all languages, then they will enter in Islam easily by seeing this neutral, natural, irrefutable and observable proof and the Kufr / Non-Islam will be finished from the world forever easily without wars and this world will become like a Paradise which is like a Hell nowadays by presence of Kufr. Because there are wars between Islam and Kufr and wars are reason for poverty, illiteracy, crimes and destruction of innocent mankind.

    (7) At last it is my challenge forever that without finishing Islam or Non-Islam as I have said above, we 7 Billion mankind of world can’t establish the prace in world forever, we can’t stop the big wars and atomic wars forever, we can’t finish the poverty and illiteracy permanently and we can’t save our innocent children, women and other family members from destruction of wars in future as we know very well.

    So it is necessary for us that we wake up for above basic, biggest, real and most important issue for serving the all human beings and for saving them and we should talk on all T.V Channels of world and on other medias too about this issue that we can finish Islam or Kufr forever for peace in world forever and for finishing the poverty and illiteracy permanently.

    (8) For doing so as I have said above, please contact us and help us otherwise we can’t be saved from destruction of wars in future. Moulana Abrar Alam Chairman Religious United Nations Pakistan.
    Contacts: 0092 306 20 45 286 0092 314 99 436 99 Twitter: Abrar Alam
    Face Book: Abrar Alam: Skype: Abrar2418 Youtube: Abrar Alam

    You can see all wonderful videos of Moulana Abrar Alam by name “ Abrar Alam “ at this address on youtube that you can know about his challenges and researches that you can help in solving the propblems of all human beings:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyUifwAijrK14aWRP4F0R7g

  4. first of all hindu don't follow their scripture, what are they claiming now???search dr. Zakir in youtube, he read all the vedas and say hindu never follow the scripture. the vidas claim god is one and we shouldn't make image of god.

  5. There is no need to look here and there for proof. We have to look in the scripture for it.

    There are many astronomical events mentioned in scriptires. And they all are in exact order which gives us the date of something around 4000- 4062 bce. Also sarasvati river is mentioned in the scripture.

  6. Lord Krishna is the Allmighty God.
    Once He picked up a mountain and held it on his finger for 7 days.
    He owns 16 000 palaces decorated with gold and jewels, and He has 16 000 extremely beautiful goddes wives.

    Once He alone fought against millions of warriors and killed them all.
    He lives for millions of years and always stays healthy and handsome like 16 years old guy.

  7. Mr shocking truth apna yeh truth apna pass hi rakho AGR hum ap k religion ko kuch nhi khta to tumhy kuch hak nhi k tum hmara religion Islam ko kuch kho tum logon k vo chahra dakhna k liya mein batab ho jb kyamat brpa ho GI or tum hmara ose khuda bzrgo barter ka samna ro ro k hoga tum janta ho k khuda na sirf ek lfzz kun yane ho ja kh kr takhlik ki thi or Allah tallah sore anfaal mein farmata ha k tumhara maal olad or sbh kuch tum logon k liya azmaesh ha Jo dinn tum log kbool kr chuky ho vo hram ha tum pr

  8. yes ramayana and mahabharata did happenend irrespective of what that western scuum says
    in 1000 Bc aryan king of india king santanu made a fatal mistake that mistake changed the course of whiite race in india forever
    kuru race(kuru tribe) is most powerful of all aryan tribes
    kuru king of india King santanu married a darrrk fisherwomen while he had access to many blue eyed blonde girls
    As the result kuru tribe bloodlinee become weak which eventully lead to kurukhstra war
    in the war nearly 50% of male population(aryans) is wiped out the number would be around 10 lakh in 1000BC (yes it is not a joke aryans in vedic age had 5-6 children per couple ) THEN remaining aryans enforced caste system very strictly
    FOR next 500(1000bc-500bc) years they enforced very strictly(penalty for misconception is death) thats why gautama buuddha(born in 563BC) ha golden hair and blue eyes
    after 500 bc the rate of misconception has increased drastically so that ayrans no longer can control it indians mixed haevyly(today we can see in india)
    India in vedic age was eqivalent to 10 roman empires
    if mahabharata war didnt happened india would have more whiite population than europe and north america combined

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