Principles of Fracture Healing

An animated description of the stages of fracture healing and impediments to fracture healing.

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41 thoughts on “Principles of Fracture Healing

  1. my tibia is broken and now 4 months done and also fiber cast remove and iam walking much time left too walking and runing perfect without any suport and frighten?

  2. my finger is fractured, the doctor put a plaster for three weeks on it but it's the same after three weeks. The doctor told me that it's started fixing, but x-ray report is showing that it's the same as three weeks. Should I change the doctor? Can it be fixed again?

  3. thank you so much omg i was wondering how in TF my knuckle was gonna just move back my doctors never explained SHIT to me. shout out to YouTube and this guy ?

  4. i was on my bmx bike going probably 20-25 and got a speedwobble. i went into a speedlimit sign and bounced off and ended up on the ground somehow. i puked and couldnt ride my bike and my shoulder and collarbone swelled up and turned black. the x ray showed no break but i cant move my arm and its constantly hurting. is it possible its broken

  5. Hi I broke my mid humerus 8 weeks ago and my last hospital visit was today and I was told that my bone is slightly more aligned but very little healing on the xrays. Less pain today but it still strikes me once in a while. Hands and wrist are working fine but forearm can move when I focus really hard. I've started little physio in week 6 and now my joints are starting to hurt. Doctor said that if my humerus doesn't heal within 3 weeks, I would need surgery. Is this normal? Will surgery make me feel a lot better? Will my hand and wrist stop functioning? I'm really scared…

  6. Do you have any advice for humerus fractures that have been repaired but still hurt 7 years later ???
    I have a titanium plate in my left humerus and since the break I have had severe pain when working out, particularly triceps dips, lateral raises, chest flys and also I am unable to continue boxing.
    Nothing showed up on my recent Xray or MRI … Any advice or suggestions for me? I am desperate.
    Thankyou for any help!

  7. Thumbs up if you have a broken bone right now and searched something like "How does bone heal" because you were curious how your bone is going to heal haha. 

    Lets share what we have broken. 

    I'm Matt from Ireland and had double jaw surgery 5 days ago and both my jaws and nose are broken and held in place right now with screws and bolts.

  8. Cool video. However, I wish it would have been a bit longer and would have addressed the nutritional aspect associated with helping to expidite the remodeling process.

  9. Shit I think this happened to my nose it broke when u was plying football. I ran in to my mates elbow it started bleeding and got big. After the bleeding stopped I carried on plying after a week I forgot about it I left it for a few years now my nose is huge and is deformed and looks boney what should I do someone plzzz help me

  10. So based on this video I could say that months and even years after the cast comes of the healing process is still in place and when a bone is slightly crooked it will be straighten by the remodeling process. What a releave 😀

  11. I broken my wrist at school by a dumbass kid who thinks hes all it and can get arround with stuff he shoved me down broke my wrist and they gave him 1 FReaking day of iss BULLSHIT

  12. I've got a broken 5th Metacarpal in my right hand, there's a sharp splinter of bone there that stings when I move my hand…The doctors knew this, yet gave me a corticosteroid injection on 3 separate occasions which didn't do anything, bloody NHS

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