Prepare to Meditate: Quick Pre-Meditation Stretch (8-min) – Easy Yoga Before Meditation

Get ready to meditate by doing my simple pre-meditation stretch with me – just 8-minutes. Prepare the body to meditate! In order to best sit still, it’s highly beneficial to do some simple yoga movements before attempting to meditate. This gets the body relaxed, warmed-up, plus it lengthens and increases circulation around the spine, making your meditation practice that much easier, enjoyable and effective. In this video, I walk you through exactly what I do before my Daily Meditation


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Especially if you are looking to meditate first thing in the morning, these simple, pre-meditation yoga poses are a MUST to help you transition from sleeping to sitting without stiffness or strain.

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6 thoughts on “Prepare to Meditate: Quick Pre-Meditation Stretch (8-min) – Easy Yoga Before Meditation

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