Prayer Time 2-28-18 “God’s Plan, Global 8,000, Jared Rand, Drake” along with Reading Isaiah 28:

Channel G “God’s Plan, Global 8,000, Jared Rand, Drake”

“God’s Plan, Global 8,000, Jared Rand, Drake”

Just the other day I posted that we’re all interconnected — on a level deeper than Twitter or Facebook — which makes it easy to understand meditation’s silent, transformative influence on the collective consciousness. Meditation is a means for each of us to make a powerful, personal contribution to the collective peace and coherence, strengthening life in the way that’s needed most — from within. There are also angelic messengers that Our Creator inspires from time to time to make it even more personal and really give us support. Well, the attached video is exactly one of those times.

Your participation — as a divine aspect of Prime Creator, is fundamentally required to manifest the reality we seek — to return Planet Earth back to Eden. For those of you who live in fear, have doubts, are saboteurs to the RV process because you believe we the meek are weak, read on. Meek does not equal being weak, by the way. Being meek is simply a lifestyle choice. So is having character, compassion, love and so many of God’s other finer qualities.

I began and for 35-years was part of the government / corporate financial industry. I was a rebel every step of the way. Why, because I don’t just follow the leader, or play Simon Sez, or do other stupid things because it’s the cool thing to do, or someone who claims authority says so. You have to earn trust. What did I get? Peace of mind and a clear conscious that allowed me to sleep peacefully — anywhere, anytime and anyplace? Was it easy? Hell no!

WHY should always be the question you ask. Not who. Not what. Not where. Not When. Not how. But WHY. Why am I writing this? To help others sitting on the fence. Why do I participate in a daily global conference call hosted by Jared Rand? Because I know that it contributes to the collective consciousness and change will occur from our efforts. Why did Trump win the election? He was the most qualified person, as well was willing to take on the monumental task to clean up Washington, DC, put a stop to the rampant corruption and get our country back.

Why is Drake, a Canadian rapper performing a song named God’s Plan? Because he’s divinely inspired too. Why is he a humanitarian? For the same reason I AM, you are, and millions of other human angels are. We came here to drive out the dark forces that played us all for the past 13,000 years and usher in a thousand years of peace, prosperity and love for many, many, did I mention many, future generations to come. Think about it, we get to participate in a miracle and have front row seating. That’s one great opportunity. Why is the RV taking so long? Because all I see from so many souls is a lot of talk and no action. Hindsight is always 20/20. Our Creator gave us dominion over a perfect paradise called Earth, our home during this experience and all we have done is abuse this miraculous place to the point of extinction, ours, not the planet’s.

Here is a simple formula to follow. Think Right, Do Right, Give/Receive Right. I’ll bet when you start following this simple formula, right NOW, watch how quickly the RV, and anything else you intend manifests. Let’s put the fear of LOVE into those dark beings, so they either see the light, or are forced into the Christ white light for dispensation by Our Creator. Let’s look everywhere that seems dark and shine our light in those areas. First and foremost, we are conscious light beings having a human experience. Let’s make it the best experience possible each and every day.

Remember, we are all brothers and sisters, with a few misguided souls that are our black sheep in the family. Don’t worry and try to do it yourself – help them. It’s too huge of a task. Have faith and confidence that there are millions, if not billions of sentient beings, in many dimensions, from many planets, along with a good percentage of the 7.8 billion here on the surface of Earth who will help. All you have to do is ask. If you are shy, then just call the number in the video and join the Global 8,000 Daily Meditation Call family, and again, right NOW. We’re waiting!

VIDEO: Global 8,000 Daily Meditation Call hosted by Jared Rand – Special News Flash.

Love and Light



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Diane Swaney

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5 thoughts on “Prayer Time 2-28-18 “God’s Plan, Global 8,000, Jared Rand, Drake” along with Reading Isaiah 28:

  1. We have a God who see's your Heart and sometimes good heart ed people
    have fallen with deceiving voices, and what is so beautiful about God is
    that he takes them out of the web they fell into…. "I have had the chance to
    speak about this in several churches.."That God will always rescue his true people"
    I love the book of Isaiah.. and we love your prayers…Thank you Gary and
    Diane for sharing… We have a wonderful God at work for us…
    May God's blessings always be with you both…Estella and Lena
    P.S. I brighten a lonely elderly person today by bringing a sweet warm meal
    and " Said it was Jesus who had me bring it with Love " Glory to God"
    We do have to be kind to our neighbors and love one another…and Giving
    God the Glory for each day to being able to help someone !

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