Powerful Healing Theta Meditation ~ 528Hz Transformation and Miracles

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This session has been designed for deep inner transformation, revitalization, and consciousness expansion. It is one of the most powerful healers I have made. Theta is known as a miracle healing mental state and 528Hz relates to Transformation and miracles.

528Hz plays throughout the whole video and varying volumes along with theta isochronic tones. 528Hz is the most popular Solfeggio frequency for healing. Through the power of resonance, different frequencies will affect us in different ways. This frequency has been known to work transformation and miracles. 528Hz is the frequency of all botanical life on earth, it is the frequency of love, and NASA shows it is also the frequency of our sun! Finally we know the ancient Egyptians used Solfeggio for healing and altering consciousness in large sound chambers where they would reverberate frequencies (eg. 528Hz) throughout the chambers to generate specific effects on individuals. For example if someone had an issue with their heart they would play a frequency that resonates with the heart thus vibrating all the cells in the affected area back into harmony.

This session can be very powerful but is not a replacement for seeing a doctor.


– Intensive healing

– Clearer thinking

– Revitalizing energy

– Heart opening

– Deep relaxation and stress reduction

Headphones are not required for this session


1) Sit down with your back straight

2) Focus your attention on the sounds in the video

3) Take a slow full breath in and hold it for 5, then release fully. Repeat this 3 times. Breath with your belly throughout the whole session, if you begin thinking and lose concentration, simply bring your attention back to belly breathing.

Thank you and enjoy! ❤

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*Do Not Listen While Driving or Operating Machinery*

Wonderful artwork by C-91 http://c-91.deviantart.com/


41 thoughts on “Powerful Healing Theta Meditation ~ 528Hz Transformation and Miracles

  1. This is almost perfect… I tried 1000s
    If it wasn't for the rain or fire crackling it would be perfect. Regeneration and astral projection…. But the rain in space ruins it. Also the binaural beat volume is too low.
    If you can make another exactly the same without the rain and with the binaural beat slightly louder I would really aprisiate it.
    If you cant… Please tell me the name if each sound and where to get it and I will do it myself.
    Been leasing it for few weeks and it haS done wonders.
    Thank you

  2. Let me guess, the Egyptians charged people a lot to get a frequency healing and now we have it for free at our disposal anytime, anywhere… Can I get a hellooooooooo there! Deep divers where you at?

  3. My son has epilepsy, he listens to this every night while he sleeps.  I am praying it helps restore brain function and ends his epilepsy.  Thank you for this gift Wavesource.

  4. Wouldn’t be amazing to listen to 10^20 Hz…???
    I am cooking my food with 528 Hz frequency — takes forever, however when done, it TASTES amazing! Thank you for making my food "organic"!

  5. GREAT SLEEP FREQUENCY. I have slept nightly to this frequency (528) since January 2017 (currently 7 months). I can honestly say this is a God given opportunity to embrace one more gift of this life journey.

  6. I used to be more than happy to search out this video channel-channel.I needed to thanks in your time for this wonderful video!! I definitely enjoying each little bit of it and Ive you bookmarked to check out new stuff you video post.

  7. A primeira vez que ouvi, não consegui sentir algo por dentro do meu corpo vibrar fortemente, a segunda vez tentei ouvi-lo enquanto dormia acordei com meu coraçao palpitando hoje fui pesquisar o que significava e descobri que 528HZ usado para retornar o DNA humano ao seu estado original e perfeito milagres podem acontecer a reparação do DNA é seguido por efeitos benéficos aumentando a quantidade de energia da vida, clareza da mente, consciência, criatividade despertou ou ativado estados de êxtase como profunda paz interior, dança e celebração, abre a pessoas para experiências espirituais profundas e iluminação espiritual. principlamente na questao de bloquios em relaçoes amorosas, . Ele cria unidade em vez de separação. Ela amplia nossos corações e nos torna mais compassivos e amorosos. Uma coisa é certa. Uma pessoa que ressoa com amor ter paz interior – está em harmonia com o ponto de partida para um mundo foram vivemos em unidade, paz e harmonia uns com os outros e-Mãe Terra. eu estava me separando por isso nao consegui-a ouvi-lo pois tenho muitos bloquieos com esta pessoa.

  8. This is the most fabulous piece of music. I swear we relax, have great naps and wake feeling refreshed. thank you so much for this. I feel amazing after listening to it! Bless you! It is my all time fav piece. I think the work you are doing is such a good choice in this crazy world and the music is heavenly. Thank you!

  9. I don't fully know about the science behind this (am researching and it makes sense) but I have just had the best 8 hours of sleep in months.  I have made up a little playlist that I leave on autoplay all night.  It unclutters the mind as a tool to get to sleep in the first place and then does it's work whilst I slumber!

  10. this is our favorite relaxing healing music! we listen every night. almost immediately after first time listening suddenly could see flower auras! inviting you to visit our nature channel and follow us through the creek and into the Woodland. click on our icon to find us x) ?

  11. I'm listening to this. It effected me different then all other videos. I am healing from a tooth extraction. I woke up with sweat and the beating sound felt like it was resonating through my head. My jaw was in the middle of pretty intense pain, even 3 days after getting it pulled and getting better every day. There is no extra swelling, nor is it bleeding again. Maybe this is a sense of this music really focused on a part of my body being the healing. Not sure. Anyone else experiencing this?

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