Powerful Healing Guided Meditation Connect to Higher Self / Lisa A. Romano Meditation

If you wish to connect more deeply to the love and light within, and if you are looking to feel more deeply integrated mind, body, and soul, this meditation can help you remember who you really are. Within you is a light, and although past negative experiences may have caused you to forget your I AM PRESENCE, the I Am that I am has always been with you.

This is a guided meditation to help you find self-love and experience self-healing through the power of the vibrations of love, harmony, balance, and peace.

Thank you for listening to these powerful guided meditations that can help you heal from narcissistic abuse, a lack of self-love, codependency, abandonment, trauma, and negative subconscious programming.

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Lisa A. Romano is a Life Coach and bestselling author who specializes in helping people reclaim their lives through ascending old thought patterns and healing faulty subconscious programs. She is an expert in the fields of codependency, narcissistic abuse, and elevating consciousness. She is also one of the most popular meditation teachers on Insight Timer and is the creator of the 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program. To her credit, Lisa creates online programs that help others organize their minds and create peace in their lives.


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Thanks for watching Powerful Healing Guided Meditation Connect to Higher Self / Lisa A. Romano Meditation

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36 thoughts on “Powerful Healing Guided Meditation Connect to Higher Self / Lisa A. Romano Meditation

  1. Every month, we pick a YouTube Subscriber and offer them a free one year membership to the Breakthrough Warrior Membership Site. If you want a chance to win, just click subscribe and hit the notification bell. This is one way I get to say THANK YOU to those of you who are committed to healing from narcissistic abuse, childhood negative brainwashing, trauma, codependency and self-limiting beliefs.

  2. Lisa.. there’s so much in what you share through this video x I’m so grateful x such a powerful hit of healing truth x thank you so much ✨❤️💖

  3. Hi Lisa! I love your meditation videos. My husband and I listen to them at night when we
    lay down to sleep. He is so quiet during your soft talking that I have to ask him if he is still awake. Lol. My husband is a very sensitive soul and such a dear. He has been my sounding board through the last three years of my healing transformation. As I have never told my family of this learning and healing journey. Except my 28 year old Daughter. I encourage her to grow and learn about herself as well. As I myself was under the veil of consciousness while raising her. She was nine when her Narc Dad and I divorced. Hope all is well in your life and thank you again for all you do. You are a treasure to your own Family and your YouTube family as well. Being humble is a quality not seen enough in this Narcissistic world. You are appreciated. Sincerely, Lisa.

  4. If your trying to call a sibling all various times of the day-over a few different days, early evening as she isnt answering and can see your trying to reach her but cannot be bothered answering for whatever reason, a narcissist? I have tried my 100% best to have a good relationship with my sister as we both have kids, married and I would love to have a relationship with her, hubby and the kids. she will only ever answer the phone if my hubby rings. She told my hubby I have mental issues because I call her all day at different times-gee whizz I'm trying to make contact!!!! She seems to try to put wedges into our marriage. Shes a fill time mom to 3 kids. 2 are in elementary school. I am the escape goat, truth teller. Shes the middle child, golden girl. I have told mom in the past call me if they show up at her home so my daughter and her cousins can have a conversation. Shes always told me about their visit after they go. She supports my sisters choice not to have anything to do with me. I am clean-always shower, dont swear, smoke, dont do drugs, sleep around, dont have tattoos not that she would care, dont steal etc. I often feel my parents put a wedge in our sibling relationship when growing up. I feel mom was jealous I had a sister and she didnt. Dispite I went over seas for many years issues are still showing up now. Worse of all I have returned home and next year I guess we will have xmas together. Makes life feel awarkward. I barely know her kids. She wont be around for this coming xmas but mom offered to host a sleep over fun week for all her grandiees at her house. Good excuse for my sister i guess not to see me in the new yr. Mom loves to wear the same colour as me all the time. Drives me batty. Last month she did take me out for my birthday, that my was gift. Yummy meal. But I had to hear how she needs to start her diet tomorrow. 🙄 I have offered her free flights over seas, and accommodation but she only has holidays with my sister as she cannot stand been around me for a period of time. My feeling is she gets over tired as shes forever on the phone all hours of the night to her boyfriend who is too busy to come visit us. He seems lovely but I feel he his mind is poisoned. As a dyslexic caregiver I'm not well paid. Yes I had to ask my hubby how do you spell dyslexia! I've had family point out my learning issue many times!!! I dont feel I'm as bad as others. I needed teachers who was patient and let me move at my own pace. I never learn when been screamed at or feel frustration. Other stuff I am a whizz at, not maths!!! Part of me wonders now was my unconcious mind poisoned this is the yuk subject?

  5. so my girlfriend and i just broke up (she said it was for us to both grow] i was codependent on her did all i could to my own demise, BUT i was always helping with her problems but never really felt i was getting back. is that a NARCISSIST ? also she was wise i couldn't have left her. i went kicking and screaming

  6. Lisa A. Romano, you have given this poor lost girl a sense of hope that she never knew was possible.
    I am beginning to see a long, painful yet fulfilling and loving path ahead of me. You truly are a blessing to the world and I am ever grateful for what you do. I love you! May the light be with thee forevermore! ~

  7. Got great news on a job offering and everything is falling into plan nicely after years of pain and putting hard into myself. I would love to thank my spirituality foremost, Lisa Romano for her ability to relate her experience to others and provide a safe heaven and solutions for us, a few other channels but most importantly the community of people that are supporting one another with healing from abuse. Thank you to everyone that help, it means so much that words isn't enough to express how I feel. No longer a victim, we are all strong and are survivors 💕

  8. Hi Lisa. My depression of 3 years has lifted. I just got to stay away.from True Documrnteries of tragedy. Then the documentery I have to not put myself back from where I came from.

  9. I wish I could get my child to listen to you, at a faze oh that's so boring to listen too. I love your meditations and others. Never did I ever think I'd enjoy that.

  10. Love this. I cannot get over how my writting from my thoughts has improved since listening to your utube videos. I can understand why people are co-depend, once a person gets married, raising kids expenses go up and then they realise the cost of bill's they cannot afford to pay for alone when rent and food is paid their is no money for clothes, teeth, eyes, petrol, birthday gifts, moorage, emergency plumber, etc let alone a holiday. If a person isnt blessed with a brain to be a successful career person due to having crappy childhood, school education they realise what if I dont pass when they are much older, puts them more into debt, not necessarily a job at the end of the course, not every one in their late 40 plus had computer courses at high school so typing up essays and knowing how to save work is so different from a pen and eraser, paper. I feel when the heat is on the corsoil floods the body and the brain finds it so hard to learn stuff for the test, life is over whelming as the kids need help with home work, taken to afterschool activities. That is why their is a lot of codependency dispite the people have woken.

  11. I fuckin love you Lisa. This might be your best meditation yet.

    Im scared still..but I know its just residual ego based programming, I have had glimpses of being light..but my mind has so many questions about why we forgot who and what we are. I try not to question because it stops me from BEING the light I am..but its just hard sometimes to not wonder why we have this amnesia.

    Thank you for this meditation and for being you. Love you Lisa. Youve helped me so much. Youve been a surrogate mother to me in many ways since Ive discovered your videos and woken up. Thank you <3

  12. "Mental chatty", "Ego let go" = Merci from French Canada 🇨🇦 🐈,,,, nice soothing voice, properly paced, bad ideas shoved upon us as we are forcibly evicted from Nature!

  13. Thank You for creating this. EXACTLY what I needed today…need in my life to create balance, peace, calmness, ….more spiritual/emotional awareness. Excellent Guided Meditation 😊❤

  14. Incredibly perfect meditation. Exactly what I needed and thinking about today. I love this! thank you very much for this gift. I’m so grateful to you for the belief and hope you speak. It’s helping me get through this spiritual amnesia! It’s way deep. Thank you so much! Namaste 🙏

  15. This is my mother and other strange "characters" 👀in my family, which learned toxicity from my parents ! Sure nobody is "PERFECT", (their favorite phrase), but that's no reason sweep the truth under the rug! My mother used to love to step on my strengths and magnify my weaknesses. She shaped me according what the apple of her eye idea was for her! And somehow she thought this was what was best for me! I think they are psychopathic i don't see the difference! Definitely a covert kook! And she had good intelligence so she's a pretty dangerous individual in my opinion! But they say "you can't change them", so what are ya going to do!🤷‍♀️ Do your best is all you can do! Keep dangerous psychos out of your life! You never know what the fake psychopathic kooks will do! One minute they're lying about how much they love you the next minute they're evicting you out of your home while you have cancer you're trying to heal from and money you have to recuperate from "cutting your fucking losses", in which there is MUCH LOSS WHEN dealing or relating with psychopaths!

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