POMODORO TECHNIQUE – My Favorite Tool to Improve Studying and Productivity

The Pomodoro Technique is one of my favorite ways to beat procrastination and maintain productivity and focus. The pomodoro technique utilizes alternating study and break times of 25 and 5 minutes, respectively. Each of these 25 minute bursts of productivity is called a “pomodoro”, named after the tomato timer used by Francesco Cirillo in the 1990’s.

The increasing popularity and widespread use of the pomodoro technique is no coincidence – it truly works. In this video, I go over

1. Brief history and theory of the Pomodoro Technique
2. How to Use the Pomodoro Technique
3. Distractions
4. When to Use the Pomodoro Technique
5. Modifications to the standard 25/5 Pomodoro scheme

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The Pomodoro Technique(TM) was created by Francisco Cirillo.


35 thoughts on “POMODORO TECHNIQUE – My Favorite Tool to Improve Studying and Productivity

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  2. Sometimes I feel like ignoring the break dilutes the persuasive power of the Pomodoro.

    Let me explain.

    If you really don't want to do something, it's like you're fighting this childish part of your brain that just wants to go back to bed or eat some cereal or whatever. It's the part of your brain that uses the ANTI-pomodoro: "Just 5 minutes of social media, then you'll get started." The logical part of your brain knows that's bullshit; you're definitely going to get distracted for longer if you even pick up your phone. But — and now I've finally arrived at the point I'm trying to make — if you skip breaks, the childish part of your brain sees the tactic for what it is: "You're not ONLY going to work for 25 minutes; you're going to work for HOURS. It's all a trick!"

    And if you don't honor that break, the persuasive power of the pomodoro isn't as effective, because the childish part of your brain is right: you're just using this as a mental trick to go to work. You're not respecting the needs of the childish part of your brain.

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  4. If i need to do homework i usually start by ….

    1.Doing homework for 15 min
    2.Go lay down on the couch and watch youtube
    3.Go to kitchen and grab some snacks and continue to watch youtube for 1 hour
    4.Slap myself and say : "what am i doing with my life…"
    5.Do homework for 15 min

    Rinse and repeat

  5. I feel like 45 minutes on with 15 min breaks in between work well for me. When I have more extensive problems to complete in my homework, this helps me to not lose focus on the problem half way through. I can complete most to all of the problem, and set myself up for the next one without the timer running out. But granted, I use this for my homework in my Engineering subjects. For less active subjects, the pomodoro method works fine!

  6. Tried this last year in my freshmen year, didnโ€™t work. But Iโ€™m trying it again now, because I really want to change my bad habit in procrastination and you gave a clear instruction on how to do it. Because I always end up using ny phone for 25 minutes than studying in that time span. Hahahaha but I really wanna get an A and be at least productive for a day. Thanks!

  7. I tried this technique today and it worked very well for me. The reason is that I am forced to work on jusr one task during a session. I tend to jump around from task to task, or get overwhelmed by tasks so I end up just not doing anything. This also works really well with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy where you commit to doing something and don't let your feelings about the task deter you from completing it. I've tried the Pomodoro technique before but haven't really made it a habit…yet.

  8. Just in case anyone is wondering if this actually works or not, i just started using this technique and it works perfectly on me. I can cope with longer studying periods and i remember a lot more from what i studied rather than cramming everything in a 3hours studying without a break. So, i really recommend using this technique no matter what subject you are revising and if you are still new and prolly you don't understand about the technique, there are actually a certain youtubers who do "study with me – promodoro techniques," so they not only guide you, but also studies with you throughout the whole time. I hope this helps!

  9. I do 25/10 because I need longer breaks or else my brain will feel like it's fried and I'll feel unmotivated the rest of the day. Anyone else have this problem and/or does it get better??

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