ASMR Back Tracing w/ Scratch, Brushing, Buds & Oil Massage

An ASMR Back treatment with nail tracing, a back scratch, brushing and oil massage. Uploaded with love XX Emma XX Other back pampering videos – 🌺 Items from this channel – 📖WhispersRed Book Club – ——————————————————————————————————————————————- 🎧 Downloads are now available on all streaming services worldwide *Search – WhispersRed ASMR* 🎧 Spotify – Google Play –…

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Body Scan Meditation | A Trans Xp

4:30 minute mark to go directly to Body Scan Meditation. 🧘🏻‍♀️MEDITATION W/ Mardi Join me each week sitting on a chair, lying on the floor or in bed for guided breath work & meditation or gentle body movements w/ Restorative Yoga Pose. For all levels. Make sure you have blankets and pillows and whatever makes you feel comfortable, supported and…

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Gurudev siyag Siddha Yoga Explanation of meditation Kundalini awakening Through Shaktipat

1.Enjoy intoxication without drug round the clock 2.All physical, mental, spiritual problems can be cured (cancer,aids, hemophilia, diabetes, Blood pressure) 3. Realization of god in human body Method of meditation: 1.Sit in a comfortable position. You can sit cross-legged on the floor, lie down, sit on a chair / couch etc., to meditate. 2.Look at Guru Siyag’s picture for a…

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Bodhicitta in Action | Sr True Virtue

Talk in English given on September 22nd, 2019, in the Lower Hamlet of Plum Village. Sr Chan Duc (Sr True Virtue/Sr Annabel) gives a Dharma talk on bodhicitta (the mind of love and awakening), and taking care of Mother Earth. We have to cultivate the insight that Mother Earth and ourselves are not separate entities. Whatever happens to earth happens…

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Yoga Nidra is a state of awareness between wakefulness and sleep. In the space we can bring relief to the physical body, nervous system and the mind. Nidras should be practiced in a comfortable position with supports if needed around and under the joints. The body should be kept warm throughout, so wear warm blankets and thick socks. Turn the lights…

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Ram Seed Mantra * Meditation Chants for Solar Plexus * Mantra para equilibrar el chakra plexo solar

1 hour meditation – Ram chanting – solar plexus balancing HOW TO PRACTICE: • Find a quiet and comfortable place where no one will bother you. • Take a comfortable position of your body (the most important is that the backbone is straight) • Place your hands inner side up on your knees • Close your eyes and calm thoughts.…

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