Optimistic Nihilism

The philosophy of Kurzgesagt.

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Optimistic Nihilism


43 thoughts on “Optimistic Nihilism

  1. I Really Think Even Nothing Does Not Matter. I think the Purpose Of Everything Is 0. Everything Has Opposites. We Can Solve This With Simple Math. You Are Born, +1. You Died, -1. The Score Is 0. You Made Food, +1. You Ate Food, -1. Score Remains 0. Since Everything Has An Opposite, The Meaning Of Life Is 0.

  2. I had an humanistic academic training throughout my life
    ; did you, science people, tink I can help humanity to rise a Galactic Human Empire by somehow? I'll be grateful with your answers

  3. I knew this video was going to be juvenile worthless crap, and I really feel sorry for anyone who buys into it. The answer to nihilism and the horror of existence is play video games 🙂
    Disliked, stop appearing in my recommended. Fucking idiot.

  4. The most important part of the video is the following:

    "Please take it with a grain of salt, we don't know any more about human existence than you do"

    It's ok for people to enjoy their life, but nobody should take the contents of this video as their (so desperately needed) justification to just go through this world. Human beings are capable of accomplishing many great things and everybody should strive for a meaningful life not because the must, but because they can. Sitting in your comfort zone while watching the world around you evolve isn't going to be less painful in the end than facing those inevitable difficulties that come while accomplishing something of lasting value. Do not worry too much about the purpose of it all, but just remember that it will most likely matter to you in the end if you ever tried to become a better version of yourself.

  5. But we can't do the things we love, because of social expectations. I can't just quit the job I hate and adopt ten dogs, it just doesn't work that way. We're a parasite living on a floating rock that's ruled by paper. Without money, you can't do anything. It would be nice if we could all just live doing what we love, but it just doesn't work that way

  6. This is the beauty of Christianity, all this is for a reason, there is no human being with no reason. Its all the pure beauty of God, how he created the intricate stars and systems of existence, although it may seem like we all happened out of a one in a million chance but think about it, every time you have an idea, every time you breath, a miracle is taking place. Everything. Has. A. Reason.

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