Oprah Winfrey delivers 2015 "Harry's Last Lecture" at Stanford University

Oprah Winfrey shared her vision for a meaning life with the Stanford community as the Rathbun Visiting Fellow for 2015. At the end of her daylong campus visit, she delivered “Harry’s Last Lecture on a Meaningful Life.” The annual address honors the late Stanford Law School Professor Harry Rathbun.


41 thoughts on “Oprah Winfrey delivers 2015 "Harry's Last Lecture" at Stanford University

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  2. What I started to feel (feel, sense) is tha there’s a common thread that runs thorugh every interview. Doesn’t matter what it is or what is is about. Everyone wants to know. And this is the truth. All of your arguments are really about the same thing. It’s about: did you hear me, did you see me, and did what I say mean anything to you?

  3. Be one like miss Ophra ( she's one example in this Earth .( God bless you ) and graduates 😇😘😍😐😏😶😑☺😚😙😗😋😊😀😆😁😃😄😅😉😇

  4. Actions speak louder than words. Oprah has lived the acts of Christ by caring for the people that the Bible speaks about helping. It always amazes me how people that criticize the most do nothing for anyone. When they have the opportunity to volunteer they don't, when they have the opportunity to give they don't, when people need to lean on their shoulder they are nowhere to be found. It is ok to quote scripture, but do you live it?

  5. Can she not run for Presidency and have Erkhart Tolle as President of Education and  Sir David Attenborough as President of Environmental Affaires.  ??? please ???

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