Ocean of Tantra Webinar about Alchemy, Esotericism, Meditation and Medicine: Art of Healing

Revisiting one of the concepts that have been discussed in the previous webinar regarding Dzogchen and medicine, one of the things that needed to be explored about is how are these things interrelated with one another and how is that it can contribute to the overall wellness of the universe and the human race. One of the problems that the human race is facing today is learning about how does healing modalities such as alchemy and other esoteric arts work and how do they operate in the basic level without perceiving it as a pseudoscience.

Throughout the show, one will get to learn about:
1) How hatha yoga and other forms of practice is an esoteric form of healing and how it actually works?
2) What is alchemy and how the kundalini and other concepts are related to alchemy?
3) How does this have any strong scientific relationship with the growth or development of consciousness?
4) The power of the placebo effect and how the mind works on a subtle level.
5) And much much more if one tries to bring the knowledge to the table

All of these questions that we are seeking to know about serves one intention: to re-discover the innate power and gifts inside of us and in all creations in such a way that will make us more constructive creatures that will help raise the power of consciousness to the next level: awakenment and infinite happiness.

If you really like to get more involved with the show, please leave a comment on the event or share this event to others so that others can get involved with the community. Thank you
Andy Lai (founder of Naturopathic Elixir of Life and Educare de Spiritus Healing Center)

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