OCD & Anxiety Disorders: Crash Course Psychology #29

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Ever call someone OCD because they like to have a clean apartment? Ever tell someone you have a phobia of spiders when, in fact, they just creep you out a little? In this episode of Crash Course psychology, Hank talks about OCD and Anxiety Disorders in the hope we’ll understand what people with actual OCD have to deal with as well as how torturous Anxiety Disorders and Panic Attacks can actually be.

Table of Contents:

What Defines an Anxiety Disorder 01:55:20
Symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder 02:35:07
Generalized Anxiety Disorder 04:05:18
Panic Disorder and Phobias 04:47:20
The Learning Perspective 07:38:20
The Biological Perspective 09:13:14
Don’t Use OCD as a Punch Line 00:00:00

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23 thoughts on “OCD & Anxiety Disorders: Crash Course Psychology #29

  1. I want your fish…… I have anxiety.. about my life and where things will lead. thinking most times my life will loop back around in a circle bringing me back to the place that caused my anxiety and panic

  2. I have a panic disorder and social anxiety,since I was a child. I was always freaked about my mom leaving me, going to school, and even sleeping at night was the worst thing ever. What makes it all worse is that I used to have a speech impediment that would just feed my social anxiety more. I've been going to therapy since I was 13 ( im 18 now) and I can honestly say I've improved so much, from going to having constant panic attacks every night for months to having them maybe a couple times of year is such an accomplishment to me. Being able to go out and not be anxious is something that was impossible for me years ago. Everyone suffering with these mental disorders, I promise it'll get better (:

  3. Someone i know said that i might have anxiety. I panic a lot and feel like i cant get a full inhale of a breath and my lungs feel half full and it makes me panic more. If i see certain people my heart beats super fast, i get patchy skin, sweaty palms and to help me stop feeling anxious i click my neck and widen my eyes and roll them to "stretch" the muscle. Or that's how it feels anyway. Is this an anxiety disorder or something else?

  4. I would say for the good part of about 3 years, I struggled with anxiety, depression, and a form of OCD and it still comes back every now and then. Also, I want to say that when I hear other people around me make slurs about how someone is “OCD”, I get very offended by this. I’ve heard way to many people say that a mental illness is “all in your head” or “get over it”. I want to put this out there to anybody who is struggling with any type of mental/psychological illness, that you are NOT alone!! I know in the middle of all of it, everything seems hopeless and like it’ll never get better, but I promise you, it does get better!! It may take some time, but remember to believe in yourself! Also, I want to put another message out to anybody, if you ever need to talk, need advice, or feeling down, just know that I am always here for you to talk and that you will always have a support system!! 😊

  5. I'm not offended by jokes about mental disorders but I am frustrated by the amount of self diagnosing teens nowadays who use online quizzes to say they have depression and anxiety for attention

  6. Almost all psychological disorders are related to the inability to overcome FEAR! Sometimes you have to change an environment or circumstance to reduce stress and cut off addictive behaviors but nonetheless the person has to understand how to overcome FEAR! thats the focus.

  7. I hate how often people say things like "omg I'm so bipolar!" or "omg it's my OCD sorry hahahaha!" It's annoying. Being someone who actually lives with OCD (and, in fact, several of its symptoms), it's not something that's funny nor is it fair to dilute it. This is why most of my energy goes towards stopping the ignorance and stigma facing mental illness.

  8. I have GAD and OCD and they ruined a good part of my life, but I'm trying my best to get through it and help others that I can because I know how scary it is to feel like you are losing your mind.

  9. What's so confusing is that some of these are just symptoms of an other mental illnesses. Ive been treated for my anxiety and now almost 3 years later and several therapists later as well, Ive suddenly been told it's not anxiety it's borderline… like..?? wtf

  10. Individuals are continuously suffering varying degrees of anxiety about death. We did a study on “An overview of Death Anxiety”, https://goo.gl/PvKvMJ. Method of concept analyses and an extensive online literature have been used for this study. Overall data provided evidence that anxiety about death is rife within western culture. Its prevalence, particularly with women and significant number of cases elderly people experience less death anxiety than young people.

  11. One of my previous OCD rituals was that there was this one thing that i thought was gross i dont remember why but i think it was a pillow and anything that that pillow touched would be contaminated so if someone touched that pillow then touched another pillow and i came in contact with that pillow i would have to wash my hands or take a full shower or else id have extreme anxiety it got so bad to where my hands were so dry cracked red and bleeding that i could barely move them

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