November Energy Update with Lee Harris (2019)

Hello everyone!

The main themes for November are:


CRAZY GETTING CRAZIER. When I was tuning in a couple of days ago about November and beyond, this was one of the messages that I got. The ‘crazy’ in the outside world is getting ‘crazier’ – so if you’re able to constantly reconcile your own feelings and thoughts and separate what’s yours from the crowds – you will be able to stay more balanced, more centered and more able to be part of what is needed during these times.

IDENTITY SHIFT. Apparently, a lot of us are going through that Identity Shift right now. It’s going to get stronger and louder than ever in November and continue for a good three to six month period. Some of you will be entering into this big Identity Shift now and it relates to your personal power (as I mentioned in the October Energy Update). Those of you that own your power or are taking on your power are about to go through an Identity Shift. That might just look like changes but it can also look like huge upgrades.

Last but not least on the POWER OF LISTENING. When we’re able to really listen to others in a deep way, we may notice that someone’s words might be saying one thing but their tone and their energy might be saying something completely different. All of us can reach that place where we are feeling a little off or a little off center. The power of listening to others and the power of listening to ourselves is very important. So, do regular check-ins and deeply listen to your answers.

Have a beautiful month everyone! Big love X

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32 thoughts on “November Energy Update with Lee Harris (2019)

  1. I look forward to your monthly posts. They are so beneficial in these intense times. When I stay heart centered I can redirect my energies alot quicker then spinning off into the thought abyss.
    Heartfelt gratitude Lee💚
    Love the song🎶

  2. Lee, Ive been listening to you for some time now and am so very grateful for your insights , your sharing and your beautiful song! Thank you Brother. Amazing times. Heart leads. Blessings.x

  3. It has been amazing discovering so much about myself by being tunned into my intuition. As we discover the parts we are to play my life has become amazing and beautiful. It is wonderful to be in tune with your energy updates. Enjoying Lightworker, empath plus so much more and again thank you for your beautiful energy in all your doing.

  4. Exactly on point. I have had to do precisely what you went in order with. Mindfulness is everything!! Thanks for what you do for everyone on the planet!! You are a beautiful soul! We all are! Namaste

  5. Hilarious. men that think they can 'help women achieve more' are hilariously misguided. if it seems like women lack skill, think about how history disregards their contribution. the problem is with how women are perceived and treated, not with how women behave. feminity itself is just a different set of tendencies. men who think women need to catch up, often repress and devalue their anima– that means inner female. look it up.

  6. Thank you for this video & the beautiful energy!
    I'm just trying to buy the Journey Into Your Heart MP3. I see two different prices in two places. I'm not sure why… I can't wait to listen to it (once I managed to buy it). Sending you blessings

  7. This is so brilliant and resonates deeply with what I am experiencing this november. I'll be listening closely, and watching all your uploads. Thank you so much, it is very helpful. Blessings to you and gratitude from Susanne, Denmark 🙂

  8. The temporal differential we call wakefulness is the cosmic interaction of subatomic particles operating in the quantum field, the (quantum)leap represents a fundamental universal constant that we can only speculate upon in the macro scale of wave form frequencies.

  9. Thank you Lee💚 I have been feeling a "death" of old aspects of myself in many ways. Plus I have been getting the (tarot) Death and Tower cards and also the Fool and The Sun the last two months now so major transformation of the self for a lot of us. I feel better days and new beginnings are eventually ahead.

  10. So spot on! Thank you so much Lee for sharing this current pulse and guiding questions… lately i felt the energy was telling me to change but couldnt exactly figure out where to begin.

  11. Lee I’ve never seen you before so firstly hello😁 I wonder if you can help me with something, last night I was stood in my bathroom and in my right ear I had a morse code noise not humming or buzzing but like real morse code, do you know what that could be please? Love and light❤️❤️🙏namaste🙏🥰Tania xxx💕

  12. 🙏… New subscriber. Thank you for your message and for meditation, your wise and kind words. There were almost an immediate help and answer to the question I asked my guides trying to quite my mind, it was about 30 min ago… I love the guidance and music♥🍁♥ You are such a beautiful soul. Love&Light

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