New Age KUNDALINI AWAKENING Binaural Meditation Music for Total Spiritual Awakening & Enlightenment

Greetings and Welcome to this Advanced KUNDALINI AWAKENING Meditation Music from M.a.R.S (Meditation and Relaxation Station)

I’m not about to try and frighten you with an overzealous Warning or Disclaimer about the consequences of your Kundalini Awakening prematurely.

We’re all adults here, and if you don’t already know what the consequences and symptoms of an early Kundalini Awakening are, then this recording is probably not for you.

(If you’re new to the term Kundalini and would like to know more about Kundalini Awakening Symptoms, or are concerned about your Ascension Health, then please feel free to follow this link where you’ll find all the relevant information you need on the subject of KundalinI Awakening)

For those of you that are currently going through a Spiritual Awakening in this New Age, or even those well on their way up the path of Spiritual Enlightenment, what we have here is a Masterpiece of New Age Technology that is not only designed to aid in Opening and Clearing each of your 7 Chakras, but also Awaken and Raise the Kundalini Energy from your Root Chakra at the base of your spine, all the way up to the Crown Chakra at the top of the head. Ever cleansing and refining your entire being as it moves you towards the ultimate goal……a full Spiritual Enlightenment.

With THIS recording you’ll not be left wondering whether or not it actually worked!
With THIS recording you’ll be able to physically Feel the Kundalini Awakening in your tale bone, sort of like a warm, tingling sensation that begins at the base of your spine and ascends to your Crown chakra.
Try it Now and see for yourself just how easy it is to Stimulate kundalini with music.

Listen Now with headphones and within a few minutes you’ll know exactly why this incredible piece of new age Meditation Music is SO special!

Layered with the Powerful Serpentine Crystal Frequency, along with the sound of Jungle Rainfall, Deep Tibetan Bowls, and the Serpent Snake itself;
this insanely atmospheric Kundalini Awakening Meditation is capable of Activating and Raising the Kundalini Energy in just one listen!


The crystal/mineral structure and the human body both possess an energetic blueprint. Hence the energies of the body can both be balanced and healed through the introduction of the energetic vibration of a crystal or mineral to a body’s energy field.
Using advanced scientific techniques we can identify and recreate the exact frequencies that each crystal and mineral uses to help heal the body. Accurately calibrated sine wave frequency generators were used to generate the different frequencies in each ear, meaning that just by listening you can physically align yourself with the energetic frequency of the Serpentine crystal, thus gaining the benefits of this ancient and mysterious stone.

No physical crystals or minerals are required for this technique to work but you can use them if you want to.


This Powerful Meditation Music for Kundalini Awakening can be used in conjunction with any form of Kundalini Awakening Yoga i.e Hatha Yoga, Laya Yoga or the 5 Tibetan Rites, but will work just as well on its own.


It is universally acknowledged that a serpentine crystal is known to intensify the Awakening of the Kundalini Energy. Research shows that serpentine crystals works well in dealing with energies that remain stagnant. It also aids in curing issues regarding the lungs and the heart. All the more, it is considered to be a great crystal used for regenerating cells.

Serpentine has a strong energy known to stimulate the Awakening of the Kundalini energies. If you feel that there may be blockages in any of your Chakras, this stone is a useful aid because it will work at any Chakra to clear blocked or stagnant energy.

The name of this stone gives you a clue as to what one of its most potent effects may be. This stone is said to be one of the safest stones that you might choose to aid you, if you want to activate the Kundalini Energy within yourself!

So please take the time to consider now whether or not you’re absolutely sure about Awakening the Kundalini Energy in yourself!
The decision should NOT be taken likely…….because once started, the ascent of the Serpent can NOT be stopped.

Listen Now!

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