Natural Conception

A stunning animation showing natural conception. We start with the egg in the ovaries. It starts as one of many resting egg follicles. However, only one is chosen per month to complete maturation and to be ovulated. Hundreds of others will die. The chosen egg has taken months to gather all of the proteins, DNA and energy producing powerplants (mitochondria) that is needed to create an embryo should fertilization occur. Finally it is released from its follicular sac. It is picked up by the fimbria and enters the fallopian tube on it’s journey to the uterus. While in the fallopian tube it is met by the many sperm that compete to gain entry. Only one sperm will be allowed in. Fertilization occurs as the sperm DNA is released. Over the next 4-5 days an embryo continues to develop in the fallopian tube on it’s continued journey to the uterus. The cells continue to divide until a blastocyst has developed. It reaches the uterus and finds it’s home in the uterine lining and implantation occurs. This is natural conception.

Music: From the record “Dream”


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