My Eye Color Changing Journey from Brown To Hazel Green – From A Mexican American Girl

Hello everyone well I finally decided to post a video of my results. Its been a long but well worth it journey.
This is my personal eye color changing journey.
I am a Mexican American born with brown eyes.
A while ago I tried many things to change my eye color and had may failed attempts.
I started listening to subliminal and frequencies on youtube and got great results.
Its pretty amazing what subliminals and frequencies can do.
I would like to state that there is nothing wrong with having brown eyes. I just personally wanted to change my eye color because i felt like it would really bring out my facial qualities and It did.

I am proud of being a mexican american.
Anyway this is my journey. Its a quick video but it was an interesting long time to get this to work (referring to my eye color change).

I apologize if i made any grammar errors within all of this.

******UPDATE******** 4-28-16

The name of the channel I used is called: Quadible Integrity

I should have mentioned this in the video i guess, I just didnt want to limit to just this channel incase
other channels can work for you although they didnt work for me. Only Quadible works for me take care


43 thoughts on “My Eye Color Changing Journey from Brown To Hazel Green – From A Mexican American Girl

  1. How to get daily repeat views. Seems like a good scam. Erase all negative comments, pretend to credit some video you "found" when youre in on it with them. Profit.

  2. I already have a greenish-hazel eye color, my eyes are changing alot but always go back to greenish-hazel. My original color is hazel and I used to want to change it, but then I looked closer and saw all the different colors and realized my eyes were beautiful. Sometimes I still want to change it, but I want to be able to look into my eyes and say that it's me without any tricks or surgery. Unless you REALLY want your eye colors changed, you should keep it. I wouldn't feel happy because my eyes ( The part of me I love most about my look ) isn't the original me.

  3. There are so many videos of color changing and it's really sad how people don't like their current eye color. I was born with green eyes so I never really thought of what it would be like it they were a different color I didn't like. In short, I hope you people in the comments are happy with your eyes as you have every right to love them.

  4. I was born with brown eyes but This is happening to me right now I'm not doing anything to make it happen the last few days my girlfriend has been saying my eyes are getting really green and Hazel does any know if this is something I should be worred about? Just curious thanks

  5. I actually changed my eye Color a little bit. I just sitting down trying to see if I could or couldn't change my eye Color then my brother came in and started talking about a movie then told me why my eyes looked blue I was like what, but it just a little bit some was white

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