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The following is an excerpt from Evelyn’s website:

Seeing without eyes is the result of Direct Informative Perception – a fascinating method that is becoming more and more popular in German-speaking countries. With this ability for children and adults, it is possible to replace the activity of the eyes in a completely natural way – an additional possibility that exists in every human body. Once we have learned to see without using our eyes, everyone is able to see in almost the same quality as with eyes, whether eyes are closed or blindfolded.

We, the “Seeing without Eyes” team, are licensed by the Center of Informational Perception, headed by Prof. Mark Komissarov. Prof. Komissarov is the developer of this very fast method. He holds seminars all over the world and thus gives his participants this kind of perception.

Other names for seeing without eyes are middbrain activation, Infovision, Visionbeam (known from the Anastasia books) or inner screen.

But what seems like a miracle to many people is plausibly explainable to the current findings of brain research and quantum physics. You would already be able to see without your eyes if someone from your environment had explained and exemplified it, as it seems to be the case in some Indian regions.

To understand how “Seeing without Eyes” is possible, an understanding of the visual process is helpful.

Just as you, as a child, learned to walk, speak, and perceive our world in your early childhood (as babies), so did you acquire the ability to see. Scientists researched that it takes at least 9 months for your eyes, if your eyes are healthy, to look nearly as you do today as an adult. When you look with your eyes, information is being perceived and sent to your brain. Our brain receives this information and translates it. This is how the picture in our head that we call seeing arises.

When “Seeing without Eyes”, you no longer need your eyes, because the information is now recorded with an (imaginary) third eye and transmitted as a proxy for the eyes to your brain. Again, the brain translates the images and information as well as the eyes. Once you have learned that, you can always decide freely whether you want to use this sense (the third eye)!

In recent years, we have dealt very much with the topic “seeing without eyes”. And so we became aware of the book “Quantum Philosophy and Interworld” by the author Dr. Ulrich Warnke, the former head of University of Saarbrücken.

In this book, the chapter “Seeing without eyes” [mentions that this method] was already known in France in 1919 by Louis Henri Fraigoule… Louis Fraigoule received an award in Edinburgh England in 1927, as he taught blind people “seeing without eyes”. The training path of Mr. Fraigoule was more tedious and lasted much longer than 5 days.

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Do You Need Your Eyes To See? | Remote Viewing | Pineal Gland

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46 thoughts on “MUST WATCH! Blind People Seeing Without Eyes

  1. Bullshit! Try that with a bucket on your head not the special blindfold you can actually see through. Even if it's possible, it would require you to do many years of focus meditation.

  2. I gotta save up for this! man im just so mesmorizes by the amount of people who believe in this. I live in Denmark, that's to the border to germany! Where is this and what is this meeting called? I wanna learn more.

  3. You guys should go the website for Monroe institute of applied sciences. You have to make a account “free”. But they have free videos and training and literature on remote viewing/oobe. Using frequencies to, in a way, trick the Brian into a sleep/not sleep state. Heavy mediation pretty much. I highly suggest it.

  4. DEBUNKED! As a Clairvoyant myself, I know “thought images” do not work this way! They are ALL clearly seeing right through the 'special blindfold.' Look on screen 10:31 / 15:59 and there is a shot where you can clearly see that there are holes in the fake blindfold. SMH.

  5. Hi Frank, I do meditation every day and practically my pineal is almost awakened, I can already see silhouettes of the movement of my hands with closed eyes in blindfold. Can you tell me some exercise to activate the pineal gland?

  6. In 1990 the US Government said that they terminate this program within Intelligence agencies, they had a lot of very well trained people who were doing "Remote Viewing" for the government of USA, So it is very interesting subject is about to have the willingness to learn it and open the Psychic abilities you thought never had.

  7. Understand that they need to make money but in my opinion its 2 much…. I don't understand why it's so expensive…… 6.2k for me and my girlfriend with hotels and flights is a bit much

  8. I'm already in the process of planning a trip to germany later this year as a treat to me for learning german. This will without a doubt be one of my stops while in the country

  9. They don't show you the secret because it's against YouTube policies. You have to close your eyes while looking up towards your third eye and then racking your balls over and over again. It stimulates the penis gland connected to your third eye and if they showed it nobody would believe because it is already so controversial. You normally get the "technique" after about a week but you also have to sign a disclaimer form when you show up upon payment and YouTube is very worried about liability issues as well, another reason it can't be shown. It's an ancient Indian technique called the "Ro-Sham-Bone."

  10. Hi, Frank!
    I'm from Brazil and first of all, would like to thank you for so excellent videos. Thank you, too, for never letting people tell you what to do. Following your instincts was the best decision you have ever made!
    In second place, I would like to ask you if there is any chance to make this course in US? It would help a lot…
    Big kiss and hugs from Curitiba, Parana, Brazil

  11. I am also from Germany and i am going right now trough my spiritual awakening i really believe itr is possible to see without the real eyes so i really want to learn that technique too and i want to evolve my super powers and help others to make this shift on this earth. much love❤️ ( Iam a 15 year old girl from Munich)

  12. The trip to Germany sounds exciting, but – in this day and age – they really should consider doing the seminar as a webinar on the internet. I mean, not everybody can take a trip to Germany. And even if they could, there is no reason to. Somebody please convince these people to teach people over the internet. That way they could help many more people and make alot of money.

  13. Will be interested in coming with you to Germany and learning this art. I have been practicing 3rd eye meditation for more than 10 years now, would be interesting to explore this. ❤️

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