Muscular Growth Hormone Monaural Beats+Isochronic Tones=Meditation

Headphones are NOT required!!! It takes about 6 minutes for your brain to initially adjust to the frequencies and then after about 20-30 minutes you will start to feel amazing. The volume you listen at does not matter. Watch this specific video every day for the best results. This brainwave entrainment incorporates both monaural beats and isochronic tones.


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These hertz frequencies are associated with all muscles, pituitary stimulation to release growth hormones, developing muscle, recovering from injury, rejuvenation, and helping hair grow and get its color back. A base frequency of 324Hz and a beat frequency of 1.05Hz are used.

I’m sending these frequencies out to the world so we can all attain our best mind, body, and soul! All of us are perfect beings already, but we can always get more in touch with who we really are! If you would like me to create a specific video then tell me in the comments below and I will get to it if I can. If you are using this video to meditate and you are having “problems”, you can still sit back and enjoy the animated fractals! You can create your own nature sounds like the ones used in this video at Peace be with you and have a great life!


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