Most EXPENSIVE Animal Fluids In The World!

Check out the Most EXPENSIVE Animal Fluids In The World! From some of the strangest liquids found in animals to other rare fluids that get sold for millions, this top 10 list of most valuable animal liquids will absolutely amaze you!

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10. Frog Poison ($100 per stick)
There are countless different frog species that produce toxins, but thanks to a new super cleanse trend, there’s one frog whose poison commands serious amounts of cash to get a hold of. It’s a species of giant tree frog that are held in a cross shape on sticks before their backs are stroked to get them to release their toxic fluid.

9. Bird Saliva ($4,500 per pound)
Chinese medicine uses a range of ingredients that seem unpalatable to people in the rest of the world, but bird saliva surely has to be one of the more unusual. The type that’s considered the most valuable is from swiftlets, who live in caves around the Indian Ocean, South Asia, northern Australia, and the Pacific islands. They build their nests with their saliva, which helps them to stick to the vertical walls, and its these nests that are highly sought after.

8. Cow Milk ($172 per gallon)
Cow milk is the most popular type of milk that’s drunk worldwide… so much so that humans drink more of it every year than they do human milk! But how much would you be willing to pay for a gallon of it? Typically at your local store, it’ll cost no more than a few dollars, but there’s one type that’ll set you back a lot more than that, as it costs 172 dollars per gallon.

7. Manuka Honey ($8,000 per gallon)
Bees are incredibly important to our ecosystem because of the way that they pollinate most of the important crops and flowers that we need to survive, but for bee farmers, one of the most lucrative things about them is the honey that they produce.

6. Insulin ($9,400 per gallon)
Insulin is a hormone that’s present in our bodies and controls the absorption of sugars from the blood into the liver, fat, and skeletal muscle cells. It’s important to have the right amount of insulin to regulate blood sugar levels, and those with diabetes either have too much or too little. For those who don’t produce enough of it, the only option is to inject it whenever needed. But where do you get supplies of insulin to do this?

5. Horseshoe Crab Blood ($60,000 per gallon)
Horseshoe crabs are found in shallow waters around the world and first originated around 450 million years ago, so they are often referred to as living fossils. While they are popular in some cuisines, one species is particularly sought after because of its use in medical science.

4. Bear Gall Bladder Bile ($220,000 per pound)
Gall bladders are the organs that connect between the liver and the small intestine, and stores the bile that’s created by the liver. After you’ve eaten, it’s empty because the bile has been used up, but then it gradually fills again ready for the next meal that needs to be digested.

3. King Cobra Venom ($153,000 per gallon)
King Cobras are undoubtedly one of the most recognizable species of snake in the world because of their hoods and hisses. They are found in the forests of India and throughout southeast Asia and are the world’s longest venomous snakes, reaching a length of up to 18 feet (5.5 m). Although they are called a ‘Cobra’, they aren’t actually part of the same genus as other cobras- instead being the only member of their own genus called Ophiophagus.

1. Deathstalker Scorpion Venom ($39 million per gallon)
Not only is the deathstalker scorpion’s venom the most expensive fluid that’s extracted from an animal, but it’s also the most expensive of any liquid on earth- costing around 39 million dollars per gallon. Of course, no one ever gets hold of it in such a large quantity. Each scorpion is milked by hand, though, and only produces two milligrams of venom each time.

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