MORE Relaxing Poetry Reading ASMR (Deep Male Voice)

More from “Where the Sidewalk Ends” by Shel Silverstein. I’m having a blast making these and as you can tell, I’m getting much better at it. If you’d like to help my baby channel grow up big and strong please subscribe and drop a like!

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28 thoughts on “MORE Relaxing Poetry Reading ASMR (Deep Male Voice)

  1. Would you be willing to do like a “let’s play” channel or like a “let’s read” channel? Like a Libravox recording reader or something? You’d be the best at it!!

  2. Great ! . . . Found the video just before writing these words . . . now I'm thinking of trying to make , then post an " accented whisperless copy-paste kinda version " of a reading of those very same poems . Non-native english speaker here .

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