(Planet Xonuki Khawla Zaynabi Karbala Ashkelon Qom Sukayna Hazara Sirsi Shia Journey Ziyarat)

(God has Promised that our Shia Land will be from the Nile to the Euphrates & Caspian Sea to Sirsi. Planet Xonuki Khawla Zaynabi Karbala Qom Sukayna Zoroaster India China Persia Hazara Hindu Sikh Buddha Shia Journey Ziyarat)

Mahatma Gandhi ―
“I learned from Hussain how to be wronged & be a winner, I learnt from Hussain how to attain victory while being oppressed.”

Prince Ali Fighting the unimaginable Evil Demons Jinns & Devils.

Sea Deep Shia Meditation Ashura Nature Music

72 Shia Warriors against a fascist army of 100,000, & Hussain Won. & Still Victorious.

Zahra Won.

Defending = Immunity

Not Defending = AIDS

1st Law: It is, & it was never allowed to hit your chests, whip your backs, or make your foreheads bleed, this is sadistic evil ways to a human being,
now, enjoy the true way of Modern Ashura Yoga Shia Meditation into peace.
Teaching you to strive and work hard in life, even if you couldnt afford water to drink, or food to eat, teaching positivity and countering negativity.
Enjoy 😉

Imam Hussain ―
“If you don’t believe in any religion & don’t fear the Resurrection Day; then at least be free in this world.”

Meditation Yoga spirit spiritual deep-thoughtful buddha shia modern ashura ashoura usa europe asia middle east iran china russia lebanon dubai united arab emirates oman kuwait bahrain qatar eu africa latin america union modern shia truth. Shias, Jews, EU, Russia, China, USA, India, the World needs to unite to fight extremists. true positive negative well 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 2011 Bassem AlKarbalai – Baad Ma Ashoufak whenever latmiya modern peaceful Brussels Belgium ashura why never future past present in the world planet modernity islam judaism jew christian christ christianity hindu sikh sikhism Sean Ali Stone bassem al karbalaei sound guru project plan lebanon israel syria iran iraq ukraine russia poland brazil china russia tibet meditate Imam Khomeini meditation why yes strive suffering unwilling to israel lebanon palestine arab jew blonde indian india pakistan australia Bruxelles indonesia morocco SIA I’m a Buddha Shia.

The Shia Sad Mournful NightMare

Modern Shia Super Power
השיעה מעצמה גרעינית




Crying from the 3rd Eye in your front beyond this Universe in the Modern Shia Meditation

Shias live a Christian European Modern Way of Life.

We Shias Stand Firmly Against Terrorism Forever.

Religion: I’m a Modern Shia.

There are about 6 Spots Resources in the body where human nature can get its energy from, even if you were thirsty, destroyed, hungry. 1) sex (if you keep control, can avoid many diseases & u can use its energy point for higher brain blood purposes & for higher intelligence) 1,2,3) large intestine, small intestine (digestive system in general) u can have power through them when not eating since all the concentration of blood will be more focused on the brain stomach (hunger) u can receive energy from hunger with health stopping the acid flow? after certain time blood will be not focused on digestion but instead on the brain increased power 4) Heart+Breathing Deeplyyy mmm to relax, heart beats focused more on the brain, & smoothly to the body, refreshing since the focusing is only on the brain, not on digestion, or sex for power loss, sex can be positively given positive power in a good way, etc, 5) Thirst, music poem sounds, Activates the energy needed from other body parts when thirsty to your main goal & achievements, meditating the suffering of the poor routinely, etc
6) Brain Increased Power & high Sacral Nirvana with the Modern Shia Meditations into another world beyond this Universe & Orbits, with returns to earth with great success & great achievements even if you were a destroyed soil in this Universe reversing to Magical Outer Space Gold & beyond this Globe

Imam Hussain died Against Terrorism, Extremism, Oppression, & Fascism.
Imam Hussain died for Modernization, Adaptation, Positivity, etc with all cultures around the World.

Ashkelon Holy Makam of the Head of Imam Hussain

Modern Shia 蕭 Meditation Against Fascism.

Strive, & be happy

Everyone will go to Heaven in the end because God is positive.



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