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Video Length: 10 Minute Meditation Session
Nature Sounds: birds, water, rain forest

Spiritual Meditation Music is one of Youtube’s “true” meditation music channels. Unlike most “meditation music” found on the web, we focus on bringing you relaxing sounds and yoga music that doesn’t distract you from what’s important – your meditation practice. Our goal is to help you in the process of attaining inner peace and spiritual harmony through meditation. Our music contains ALL the necessary ingredients needed to help you quickly, and easily achieve a peaceful state of mind.

How is Spiritual Meditation Music different form other meditation music channels on Youtube?

1. There are many wonderfully written pieces of relaxing music on Youtube, however they may not be the best suited for meditation music. Here’s why – many of these compositions have melody lines that develop over the length of the song, and may create unnecessary distractions for your mind. Our meditation music videos are designed to quickly immerse you into a deep hypnotic state so that your mind can become perfectly still. We create melody-free compositions to keep you focused on your “center”.

2. We use sounds of nature, and sounds of the earth to further enhance the listeners experience. At Spiritual Meditation Music, we strongly believe that the sound of nature is the symphony of the cosmos. Many ancient religions like Buddhism and Hinduism, & ancient practices like Yoga – ALL advocate spending extended periods of quiet and alone time outside in nature. The sound of nature can have profound effects on the human mind, body, and soul.

3. We focus on 4 different lengths of time for our mediation music videos. These times are 10 Min, 15 Min, 30 Min, and 1 Hour. We do this because we realize that in the modern world, everyone has a hectic schedule and lives a “fast-paced” life. Finding a few minutes a day to meditate can be challenging. By putting time limits on your meditation sessions, you can plan in advance which video you’ll watch based on your schedule and needs.

How do I pick the best video time length for my meditation session?

Here are some things to consider:

1. 10 Minute Videos: This time length is great to use in the mornings, shortly after getting out of bed. It can give you a quick energy boost to help you kick off your day right, and get you focused & positive.

2. 15 Minute Videos: We find that 15 minute meditation sessions really work best around the lunchtime hour. Especially useful if you missed your 10 minute session earlier in the morning. Revitalize yourself during a quick lunch break, and feel relaxed for the rest of the day!

3. 30 Minute Videos: Our half hour long meditation music videos are specifically created for unwinding after a long day at work, or school. Ideal for studying or relaxing, the music acts as a non-distracting backdrop. Leaving your mind free to focus, and relax.

4. 1 Hour Videos: The 60 minute video is typically used to help people sleep. However, it can also be be used in extreme cases of stress, and/or anxiety. These extended sessions are there to help you really submerge your consciousness into an alternate mental experience.

[FREE eBook] “Learn How to Manifest Anything You Desire” – http://SpiritualMeditationMusic.com

How can I get more out of your videos?

You can get more from our meditation videos by considering 2 very important things:

1. Setting: Ensure that before you start meditating, you are in a familiar space. Preferably it is quiet, calm, and cozy. Find a comfortable place to sit. If a bed is available you may also lay down. Beyond that, it’s pretty simple. Get comfortable and be still… that’s all that’s required of you!

2. Breathing: Taking deep, controlled breaths during meditation will help you achieve a heightened state of consciousness much quicker. A good way to control your deep breathing is by focusing on your breathing. We can do this by keeping a count of the rhythm created by your breathing. A great example of controlled breathing for meditation could look something like this — inhale for a count of 4, hold for a count of 2, exhale for a count of 4, hold for a count of 2.. repeat.

3. If you really want to accelerate your meditation experience try the following advanced technique. Lay flat on your back (no pillow), with both hands at your sides. Breath the same way we recommended in Step #2 above. Lay perfectly still and breath in the same controlled manner for the duration of you meditation session. You might find that some of the sensations experienced during this technique can be overwhelmingly powerful.

[FREE eBook] “Learn How to Manifest Anything You Desire” – http://SpiritualMeditationMusic.com

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