Metaphysical Meditation – Dr. Jaiprakash Agarwal

Title : Metaphysical Meditation which every child practices in the mother’s womb.

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32 thoughts on “Metaphysical Meditation – Dr. Jaiprakash Agarwal

  1. मानव धर्म को आश्रममा Metaphysical meditation technique sikaainchha ki sikaaidaina???….. yedi sikaainchha vane Rupandehi maa aashram chha chhaina??

  2. म कतार मा छु ग्रेस्थी भयको कारण ले केही जिम्बेबार भयको कारण बीदेसीयको हु मानबदेह को यो महतो पुण कुरा ले मेरो मन आकरसीत भयको छ सन्सार देखि दुखी हुन थालेको छ मेरो मन सत गुरु को शरण परी आफ्नो स्वरुप को दर्सन गर्न चाहान्छु यो मेरो चाहाना पूरा होलात ? निरन्तर लागेर पूरा गर्ने छु

  3. म हजुर हरु सग समायोजन हुन् चाहान्छु तर कसरी भेट्ने हजुर हरु लाई हजुर को office कहाँ छ् ।

  4. I am 23 years old. I believe in faith. I heard about the meditation some years ago. But I didn't take it seriously first. After 20, I heard about Sadhguru and then I am really interested about spiritual growth. Every person has some spiritual drive but we need growth of that to enlighten. There are so many meditations, most of them are physical. We youth have no time to be patience to do sth because we have no craving for sth at all. The thing I wondering about is, Will it affect our daily life, relationship with family, friends and our study? As we say just to achieve degrees is not the way to enlightenment, Will it distract our study and daily life? I have to master science, art and spiritual growth parallely? Is it possible?

  5. I am all the way from Calgary Canada. Could you please teach in detail how we can activate right brain. I would be grateful to you if I got some details (it may be some referential books that I can be recommended) about the metaphysical meditation. Thank you so much.

  6. हिन्दु धर्मका 33 कोटी देवतामा थप दुई वटा देउता समायोजन गरेर बैदिक सनातन धर्मलाई विश्वको सबै भन्दा ठुलो बिशाल महान धर्म बनाउने लक्ष्यका साथ् अगाडी बढ्दै छु !!

  7. I’m very very interested in spiritual path and metaphysical meditation but I’m abroad in Usa so how can I do this meditation and is it possible to do with out guru

  8. thank you very much your inspiration 🙏
    i want to join also but kathmandu and sunsari ko kun kun thauma yo programme available xa hola please batai dinu hosh na 🙏🙏🕉🕉

  9. धन्यवाद!म माेरङ केराबारि हाे.ठिक छ मलेसिया बाट फर्केर सामेल हुन्छु।

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