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Divine Counterparts in Separation deck- $33.33 and they are shipped out from Connecticut. Contact me first if you’re outside the US for shipping rates. Just make your donation and send me an email with a screenshot of payment and your shipping address. There is a no refund policy for the cards as each deck is charged with a blessing and intention for the future owner and as such is a “custom good”. Thanks so much for your support! 🤗❤️🥰

Energy Exchange Info

Cash app- $maid4luv

Venmo- @Maid4luv

Google Pay-

Samsung Pay-


Personalized Spiritual Guidance (These are spiritual services and are therefore non- refundable)
1. Twin Flame/ Soulmate Reading- Donation of $40.00 (How does your love process you and the connection mentally, in their heart, in the 5d, blockages and possible actions towards you within the next three months based on the current energies)
2. Third Party Reading- Donation of $40.00 (How does your love process the third party and their connection mentally, in their heart, what is binding them together, and what can we expect to happen in this connection within the next three months based on the current energies)
3. Twin Flame/ Soulmate Reading with Third Party Reading- Donation of $60.00
4. Twin Flame/ Soulmate Reading with Third Party Reading and Messages from their Higher Self plus advice for your healing- Donation of $80.00
5. Past Lives Reading- Donation of $40.00 (When were you first incarnated and which past lives and experiences are heavily impacting this current lifetime)
6. Love Reading-Donation of $45.00 (Head space and heart space insight, blockages, future actions towards you within 3 months and Spiritual Support Team advice) OR you can submit up to 5 questions of your own
7. What’s Coming in Love- Donation of $40.00 (Who are they and what energy are they bringing into the relationship, will the attraction be instant, challenges, what will help, when, where and how will you meet. Taken from Tarot Avenue)
8. Career Reading- Donation of $40.00 (Possible careers that align with your talents and experiences, advice from three different oracle decks as to the way forward and you’re allowed to ask one career question)
9. Life Purpose Reading- Donation of $40.00 (What are your strengths, what do others really appreciate about you, how can you best help other people, what blockages/challenges/obstacles will you face, how can you overcome them and what will help you find your calling. Taken from Tarot Avenue)
10. Pet Tarot Reading- Donation of $40.00 (What your pet wants to tell you at this time, what your pet needs right now, What your pet loves, what your pet dislikes, what you need to do for your pet right now, overall outlook for your pet. Taken from Tarot Avenue)
11. Dream Interpretation- Donation of US$30.00
12. Individual Clearing- Donation of US$127.00 or 100 Pounds Sterling (email me for description)
13. Twin Clearing-Donation of US$235.00 or 185.00 Pounds Sterling (email me for description)
14. Twin Flame Tune-in -Donation of $40.00- Are they twins? Review connecting chakra energies and determine stage/progress, Review energy on ring, is it flowing equally in both directions? What blockages are apparent? Are the DF and DM lights on? If not, what healing is required? Review false twin/karmic cords, Review 3 flames of purpose, Place protection around the connection, Is there a message from twins HS? Advice from guides

Emergency Readings are also available for an extra donation of $50 on the usual donation of your reading
If you’re interested in a personal reading, please email me at to check my availability with the questions that you wish to have answered. All my readings are pre recorded and delivered by an identified date. Please do not give any details. My aim to deliver the message direct from Spirit without the interference of ego and prior knowledge. After confirming availability, you may make your donation using either of the donation options. Refunds will only be issued if I don’t deliver your reading.

For energy exchanges or donations to keep these free readings flowing you can make these contributions by using one of the following methods:
Cash app- $maid4luv
Venmo- @maid4luv

Amazon Wish List
If you’d like to help build the channel via purchasing supplies please see Amazon Wish List below and use the 91953 Miami address that’s saved
Amazon Wish List link-
Thank you in advance for your support.
Email Address for Queries and Readings

My readings are not legal advice and are for entertainment purposes ONLY. Follow your inner guidance always. I do not own the rights to any of the music I play on my channel


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