In this video we provide a complete, consistent with the knowledge conveyed by Drunvalo Melchizedek’s Merkaba meditation practice (MER KA BAH) – from the first to the seventeenth breath. In this video you see MALE Merkaba. Female merkaba does not differ in any way during the course of practice, differs only in the setting of upper and lower tetrahedron (as below). REMEMBER THAT YOU BUILD YOUR HOUSE, YOUR THE TEMPLE OF THE SPIRIT. BUILD IT SO CAREFULLY AND BEAUTIFULLY AS YOU CAN. GET the necessary knowledge. ENTER PROPER STATE OF MIND, GIVE YOUR WHOLE HEART to this practise. The word Merkaba means “chariot”, “vehicle”. Merkaba is in fact a luminous body, i.e. energy saving our being entered in order sacred geometry, including the geometry of the tetrahedron, starry, which consists of two superposed tetrahedrons. The upper tetrahedron is a tetrahedron of Sun (or father), the lower the tetrahedron of Earth (or mother). Merkaba can be practiced by anyone who resonates with this meditation, and who feels the relationship with the field of sacred geometry. However, it will not work if you will not be able to keep your awareness in your heart.
The preparation for meditation is to bring our awareness to the heart and connected to the heart (core) of Mother Earth and Father Sun and the heart of the entire Cosmos (you can direct the flow of prana gratitude to our sun or towards the black hole at the center of our galaxy).
When you feel that you are a child of these two the secret tri-union is established, the holy trinity, and thus naturally appears around your body tetrahedron of Sun (NOTE: WOMEN IS PLACED ON THE BACK EDGE, EDGE IN MEN FRONT) and the Earth’s tetrahedron ( similarly inverted 180 degrees).
Once you finish the practice of film Merkabah MEDITATION – FULL VERSION stay still for at least 15 minutes in meditation. See and feel the quality of your light body. Listen to the sound “ooooommm”, which fills it. Now you are at home, at the temple, which is built according to lines and principles of sacred geometry. Respect your Temple, being very attentive to any idea that you are making here – it will work with many times more intensive power! Merkaba can be programmed just like crystal (since it is the energy crystal). Notice the fact that the number of programs is unlimited. Only requirement is that you have to meet programming Merkaba is to keep your awareness at the heart associated with feelings of unconditional love for all creation. We advise against programming partial or deferred to the future, because this way you can significantly postpone and delay your development. Be careful, be now, be totally honest with yourself. Give yourself the right to the immediate and total change, but use only those programs for which you may feel 100% responsible, only if you’re willing to accept the changes that will occur as a result of their activation. Start from “safe”programs, such as “the center of consciousness in my heart only” or “immediate reading of intentions” or “agreement on everything, what raises my vibrations “, etc. Then enter the specific programs, such as “complete healing of allergy / cancer ” and be open to anything that will appear as a sign of the healing process (people, situations, methods). Practise Merkaba meditation daily for a period of approximately one year (or the activity will cease and terminate), until its presence will be obvious to you and constantly felt, as well as the effectiveness of programs will appear.
For more information about the light body, the sacred geometry and knowledge of the past and the future of our species search in books of Drunvalo Melchizedek: “The ancient mystery of flower of life”, volumes I and II, and “Living in the heart.”



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