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No matter how much you may want it to be different, you have needs. Every being on earth has needs. A need is something that is required in order to live, succeed or be happy. And you cannot un-require something that is required. You cannot argue your way into seeing that it isn’t necessary. You have one option when it comes to your needs and that is to meet them. I’m going to repeat what I just said so it sinks in… Your one option when it comes to needs is to meet them. In this episode, Teal explains about manipulation, needs and dares us to ask for our needs upfront.
Kuan Yin’s Mantra (c) 2002 Lisa Thiel – used by permission

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49 thoughts on “Meet Your Needs! – Teal Swan –

  1. But I want to meet my needs on my own – without needing other people because once they're gone I'm unhappy is that a way to live running after people that can meet my needs of rely on them ?

  2. What if you can't meet your needs due to being dependent on others (because of temporary ill health) ? When those others don't recognise and won't accept your needs because they're different from their own.

  3. teal…your videos might seem more legit if they didnt come across as over produced cult shit…i dont know what your about but i dig what message you are trying to put across…but its cheesey as fuck with this video style.

  4. Lovely video. It's important to note that science has confirmed that our mental, physical and emotional health is dependent on others. We were not built to be alone, but to live in communion. We were built for love, as it is our most harmonious state of being.

  5. Some good points, others seem to be a stretch. Like saying the Realm of Hungry Ghosts, a life tendency of insatiable hunger, can be resolved by just addressing a need… in some case maybe, but in many cases (like in the case of our society) is the result of countless life-times of reinforcing bad habits and making causes with real consequences. To say that can get worked out by just getting a need met, I'd say it takes a committed journey prepared to overcoming countless challenges to transform this life tendency. In some cases, Teal, I feel you're getting a little too spacey sounding.

  6. Are we also considering the fact that being with someone who does not meet our needs, is therefore meeting our need to have exactly this kind of experience. This would be accepting even another layer of self, which is self sabotaging and yet and still loving and accepting yourself for that, simply because this is who you are now, while you need to have this experience. Stepping out of being a victim and realizing, that we are constantly creating our perfect reality! Denying and blaming who you are is the first layer of the problem.

  7. how can you fulfill your needs without getting into the hands of a manipulator or toxic person? can the fullfilling of your need get you into a toxic relationship where they can use you in the wrong way?

  8. ???Hey Teal babe.. this video got me thinking and was directly related to acceptance/abandonment issues etc. Your a blessing sweetheart! Your digestable pearls of wisdom have helped me pick apart so meny issues. So id like to send massive Reiki Huggs back to you. ???

  9. Is bullying in schools an unmet need of fun and safety? For example if Parents dont let the child have fun and tell it that he or she is not good enough it goes to school with other kids his age and starts bullying to meet those needs.

  10. It would be helpful a list of needs we can pick from. I guess those are basic needs like protection, affection… Because sometimes I confuse cravings with real needs. Thank you, Teal. I have you always in my mind.

  11. this video is only for people w/ the luxury of having a true friend who may care enough to meet their needs….but how about if ur an aspie/autist who everybody despises because ur different, and people think ur extremely weird and even evil or narcissistic because u are different? and yet i see true evil narcisissts around me who are loved no matter what and they of course are never satisfied….makes me think being a narc is the key? become evil and everyone will love u right?

  12. fudge…for so long I wanted not to like you…I think it was an ego thing…because you made me look at myself…I didn't like what I saw…now I just can't wait for your next words…because I know they are true

  13. So, I tried to people please / impress them bc I need to be accepted. This comes from the unworthiness trans I've been entangled in by believing what my parents told me, that I wasn't 'good enough'.

  14. I stumbled upon Teal recently trying to deal with some hard feelings and situations. I listened and the first time through I kinda blew it off, but I gave it another chance in a few days and wow it was like I felt I was understood. I have listened to several of the posts and they and powerful. I still feel quite lost and hurt but I am hoping that over time with the guidance and tips I will be in a better place than before. It is hard though… I feel like I am doing this all alone… and admit I am not that good with trying to meet new people so there are some challenges.

  15. I see the two penguins in the foreground talking. I see the other two checking out the weird toes. I can hear them asking each other where their pal Chilly Willy went, and why the polar bear resembles him so much. They ask "Did the bear take his impersonation too far?"

  16. This woman would be like a frog in a sock in the bedroom. A letter bomb of a vixen with the brain the size of a planet. A Very potent combination. Lucky old Husband, well, for some of the time. 😉

  17. I was never allowed to express any of my emotions. I couldn't cry or get mad, or else I was a 'bad girl'.
    I wasn't even allowed to smile or laugh.

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