Meditation workshop (1 Day ) at The Natural Healing & Wellness center in Paphos, Cyprus

1 day (7 hours)


This 1 day workshop is for beginners and those that are struggling to learn to meditate on their own.

All meditations on the workshop day are done while seated in a chair or on a cushion on the floor (The choice is yours.)

On the day we focus on overcoming many beginners’ problems that are faced when they start learning meditation.

“I Can’t Stop Thinking!” (Quieting the monkey mind)
“I Can’t Seem to Relax”
“I Can’t Seem To Find Time for Meditation”
“I Keep Nodding Off / Spacing Out”
“I (Don’t) See Colors / Light / Visions”
“I Feel Cramps / Pains / Tingling / Cold / Hot When I Meditate”

We also focus on guiding you through many different types of meditations so you can find one that best suites you.

The meditations we will be teaching in this workshop are:
Guided visualization meditation
Chakra balancing guided meditation
Sound meditation
Breathing meditation
Mindfulness meditation
Concentration meditation

We will also learn and experience:
How our thoughts affect our physical body.
How feeling happy and worrying affects our physical body.
How to only observe the thoughts you have in meditation rather than be attach or be effected by them.
How to stay in the present moment while meditating, to find peace and calm.

Date: Contact us to find out the date
Time: 10am until 6pm
Location: The Natural Healing & Wellness center in Paphos, Cyprus
Language: English
Cost: €120 (7 hours of teaching, with a 1 hour lunch break.)

PLEASE NOTE: A deposit of €50 is needed to reserve your place; the balance of €70 is to be paid on the day of the workshop.

There is a maximum of 6 places available so please book your place as soon as possible.

For more information or to book your place
Contact Us:
Michael mobile: 99447312

Please Note: Our center is fully air conditioned for the summer months and fully heated for the winter months.

About the teacher: Michael Stavrinides is qualified as a (Meditation teacher, Spiritual teacher, Reiki master/teacher/healer, Pranic healer, Quantum Touch healer, Crystal healer, Life coach, Spirit guide coach, Energy healer, Animal Reiki master healer)
Michael has been meditating and developing for more than 25 years. He runs the Spiritual Network in Cyprus and also runs together with his wife Leonora, the Natural Healing & Wellness center in Paphos.

OUR Location: The Natural Healing & Wellness center in Paphos is 200 meters from the NEW Paphos mall on the Tombs of the Kings road in Paphos. We are next door to The Black Velvet cafe/taverna/juice bar and next to Sunfresh bakery. We have a parking area at the back of our shop.

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