Meditation – What Is Meditation and What Does To Be Awakened? – Meditation 101 Series

Meditation – What Is Meditation and What Does To Be Awakened? – Meditation 101 Series

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This will be a series for meditation, the different types, styles and philosphies. The series is called Meditation 101

Meditation is the entirely, a movement in the whole question of our living. How we live, how we behave, anxieties, sorrows, or if we are pursuing everlasting pleasure, whether we have built images about ourselves and about others. That is the part of our life and in the understanding of that life, and of those various issues involved in life and being free from those, then we can proceed to inquire into what is meditation. We must put order into our house. Our house is ourselves. Complete order. Then when that order is established not according to a pattern but when there is understanding, complete understanding of what is disorder, what is confusion, why we are in contradiction in ourselves, why there is this constant struggle between the opposites. Having put all of this in order, our life in order and the very placing things in the proper place is the beginning of meditation. If we have not done that, actually, not theoretically, but in daily life, every moment of our life, then if you have not done that, then meditation becomes merely another form of illusion, another form of prayer, another form of wanting something, money, position, refrigerator and so on.

Awakening is the key of meditation. The first key to being awakened is the presence of liberty. Not allowing oneself to be tossed about by the curves and turns of life. This person revivals in his or her consciousness. This is shown through there ultimate calmness, serenity and smile. To be a conceptual thinker. When you do not have doubts the unlimited universe will unfold for you and no discrimination is possible.

When the mind of an aspiring person is ripe and ready, enlightenment can happen right away. Truth can only be lived, not experimented. One needs to live with truth, what can you expect with experimenting with truth. Experimenting means there is no experience with truth. Once truth is the experience, then there remains no doubt and you begin to live with truth. Those who meditate never attempt to try to describe reality. When you see a person pointing a finger. Do not look at the finger, look at where the finger is pointing. Awakening is the beginning of the journey to transformation. It is the opening of the inner being that leads to awakeness attitude wherein the inner consciousness looks at all that is happening both within and without but there is no direct interest. To be aware of something does not mean that you know everything about it. Consciousness is composed of two elements, awareness of self, things and forces and conscious power. To be aware is the first thing. You have to be aware things and being in the right consciousness and seeing their true nature. However awareness by itself is not enough. Awareness needs a will and the energy field to make the consciousness effective. You may have the full consciousness of what has to be done, but you maybe helpless to effect a change. Someone else may have the will power but not the right awareness to bring about necessary change. When you are in true consciousness, the will and the awareness are both in harmony cosmic way. This harmony will bring about necessary changes. Two things that are important are will and awareness. Consciousness leads to detachment. Consciousness is that which brings awareness of things and energy is the force put in action to do things. Human beings have not delved deeper into themselves to find mind and consciousness as synonymous. The process of introspection, one can find that consciousness soul and energy. The human body has its own consciousness from where it acts. Our surface mind knows very little about this body consciousness, the mind feels it only in an imperfect manner. It only sees the results, not the cause.

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