Meditation Tip 333 – Mechanical – Be Human Not a Zombie

Quick tips on Meditation that can be used to fling you back to consciousness.

Meditation Tip 333 – Mechanical

Try to notice today in your own experience that as soon as something becomes mechanical, life is sucked out of it.

If you take a look at our world today, you will notice that society is breading robots, mechanical creatures without life. This includes turning you into a mechanical being as well.

You are aware that a human can be programmed right? This is how you are able to learn things, its done with repetition until no awareness is needed by you. The human then is run by the mind making it mechanical. You no longer need to be present, allowing the mind to capture your attention.

This is a very dangerous path we are on and if we continue to be mind run, then we mind as well switch our names into numbers, as a robot species is what we are turning into.

Bring back Life by shaking your programming, shaking the mind.
To do this, do a change up…
Drive a different path, wear something different, get a different haircut, eat consciously, go somewhere you wouldnt normally.
Basically do anything that is not a normal experience for you. Remember the “you” is made up by your mind to keep control. The mind takes a series of experiences from the past and calls them a you. Once the you is created all future experiences have to match or be close to what this defined you is. When some awareness regains of you being captured by the minds antics, the minds last defence is fear to get you to stay close to the you that was defined.

Say fuck you mind and do something outside of what the defined you is. Dont be a machine. Experience existence at each moment fully.

Even if you are doing the same thing for the 1000th time, do it with life and not mechanically.

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