Meditation Tip 315 – Invisible “Friend” – Be Human, Not a Zombie

Quick tips on Meditation that can be used to fling you back to consciousness.

Meditation Tip 315 – Invisible “Friend”

Try to notice today in your own experience that you have an invisible “friend”…Well actually to tell you the truth they arent really a friend, but rather a total Ahole. 

The thing is though, you can only notice that you have one of these invisible “friend’s” only when you undistract yourself from everything that you are doing.

Many people live their entire lives just distracted by the physical world, which is how your invisible “friend” has managed to gain control over you.  While your distracted, it runs the show and you probably havent noticed but your distracted a lot. 

Start spending some time alone without doing anything, but rather just sitting and observing and you will soon discover your invisible “friend” is actually there.

The funny part is that this “friend” dictates your life and you cant even see it.  It limits you, scares you, judges you, and it makes you believe that the world outside is the problem instead of it.

The good news is that no army is necessary to concure it, just you being aware of it is enough to defeat it.  Its clever though and will find new ways to come back, but yet again all that is needed is your awareness.

Your “friend’s” invisibility doesnt work when you are fully present, so keep it visible and it wont be able to play pranks on you.

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