Meditation Techniques – Acharya Aashish Ways

Lively meditations are designed to move the consciousness to the heart so that you transform from just a person – to true human and it is possible, I want to bring out the human in you, the very human who is full of love, who has no boundaries , who lives to his own terms , who is not a follower, it is true that when you are full of life when you are lively there is no place for the brain to dictate you, then the flow of life takes place , the very flow which I have called floatness-ness , the floatness-ness in the River of life, when you move in this River of life you will experience the uncertainty, you will experience that you are limitless, that you are supreme when you feel that you are supreme you will automatically be connected to the supreme, the supreme is nothing but the existence mind sets boundaries but the heart has no boundaries

Lively meditation is the only possibility to bring the change within you, and the change is very much required because change is nothing but expression of complete freedom
It is only in your complete freedom you will experience the reality , you will experience the truth
The old traditional methods of meditation like Kundalini meditation and Vipasana meditation needs some advancement simply because you have changed, the old traditional methods cannot work any longer, they definitely need some life to be added to it, this is the reason I have invented various meditation techniques and I name it lively meditation techniques

Practice of meditation on these lively meditation techniques will bring life back to you, it will make you alive- I want you to be alive rather than just living – my purpose is to make you realize your complete freedom


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