MEDITATION technique that improves endurance for TRIATHLETES: Wim Hof Method

This type of meditation technique combines the Wim Hof Method with meditation will improve V02 max for triathletes looking to improve their endurance without the crushing triathlon training required to improve endurance.

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27 thoughts on “MEDITATION technique that improves endurance for TRIATHLETES: Wim Hof Method

  1. Weird–for some reason, I didn't see this video the day it posted and it only popped up on my front page today. I do guided and breathing meditation, which have really helped keep me calm and focus in so many things I do, especially physically. One of the reason I love the triathlon sports is that I see each of them as meditative. I'll have to try this method out.

  2. WHM has kept me consistent for a year now… I straight up don't get sick… it's nuts, but it works! The cold exposure even helps with the cold pool or open water swims too… it's such a crazy thing. Also, the WHM iPhone App is legit.

  3. WHM rocks!
    I've actually never bought the complete course but I've been (sporadically) doing the breathings and always getting cold showers. The result since one year I've not been sick and I have the feeling that I have more control over my asthma. Thus, I can be more consistent with my training.
    Nice that you decided to give it a try, you'll not regret it!
    Keep it rockin it!

  4. I wrote about this once in a comment below one of your materials, but the one about meditation combined with the previous one (altitude training) makes me feel like writing this again.
    I'm aware that Wim Hoff is a very popular guy, with lots of charisma. And that his method is, say, 'sexy', having certain air of misticizm. And that when you see Wim climbing to the summit of Śnieżka (mountain in Poland, 1600 metres above sea level) in winter (heavy snow, negative temperatures) dressed only in bahama type shorts and good trekking boots this does make an impression.

    Yet from a sportsman point of view Wimm's method may not be the best choice out there. At least in what concerns breathing. Cause as far as I get WH's method right, it's about something which you might actually call hyperventilation. Or at least a brething technique which makes you clean your organism (blood) from CO2. What is the effect? The pH of the blood rises. Benefits? Better resiliance to cold. So if you intend to repeat Wim's topless winter escapade, it's something you should ceirtanly consider.

    But what also happens when you decrease CO2 levels is that you plumnary alveoli (hope the English term im using is correct) CLOSE. Cause the body feels like it has planty of oxygen.
    And this is the paradox people suffering from asthma face when having an attack – they inhale through the mouth as much air they can, which causes them to have even more problems with breathing, cause the alveoli close. While what the person actually needs is having them wide open in order to transport O2 to all the cells of the body.

    So being far from saying WHM is usless, I would like to draw your attention to the so called Buteyko's method. In order to be sure you're not watching in youtube some charaltans, you may type 'patrick mckeown butyko' in YT and you will get some valuable information. What is Buteyko about? About, instead of getting rid of CO2, getting used to high CO2 level in your blood. Which decreases the pH of the blood. And with lower pH the blood releases oxygen to muscles FASTER that with higher pH. Ain't this what we, athletes, should be searching for? It's also proven that a decreased O2 saturation of the blood results in natural (not medicine aid) EPO production. The effect is of course temporary but with constant breathing exercise you can teach your body to extend those periods. And, step by step, increase your natural EPO level.

    How do we get there? Breathing (in and exhale) thorugh the nose. This when the diaphragme works best. And – here we come to why this comment is also about altitude training – you can do altitude training without travelling to the mountains. Cause breathing through the nose you, obviously, intake less oxygen when compared to mouth breathing. What I would do at the beggining of my adventure with Buteyko was sleeping and doing exercise with and adhesive plaster on my mouth. Cause at first it's difficult to control yourself and NOT breath through the mouth (when sleeping from obvoius reasons, during workout because you feel like you're going to asfixiate). Believe, it does work. Extra (non sport) benefit is that swithching to nose breathing when sleeping eliminates the vast majority of snoring problems (basically it does not help with those cases where septum misfunctions are to blame).

    Again, I'm not an anti-Iceman fighter, I believe there is much that can be learnt from Wim. And adapted to our lives depending on what we need, what our goals are. Yet, the correct choices can be done only when knowing all the possibilities out there. That's why I encourage everyone to at least skim thorugh what Buteyko method offers.

  5. I did the Wim Hof method when I first got into Triathlon and still take the daily cold showers and ice baths for recovery. The breathing exercises were very mentally and physically stimulating, and the yoga style exercises have helped on the flexibility and injury prevention front. On the surface, it all sounds like some sort of hokey pokey black magic Tom-foolery, but you really can't argue with the results, and Wim himself is quite a testament to his own system. I would highly recommend it but no one listens to me, so I'm really glad to see you putting it out there. As always, Great video brother!! Keep it up.

  6. I do it ! Plus his ice bath or cold ass water. 6 minutes ! And Cold showers. The biggest Takeaways from his teachings is called diaphragm breathing. This diaphragm technique also works by rhythmic breathing during your runs. 4 strides breath out next 3 deep diaphragms breaths in and do the entire run. It you run really fast then do 3:2 ratio. It works and It is all about oxygen !

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