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Functional Power Yoga

A powerful and skillful integrative practice designed by Pablo Lucero in creationship with Sarah Taggart, rooted in the ancient philosophies of Yoga, Ancestral Indigenous Healing Arts and Functional Movement Methodologies. Our mission is to explore and celebrate all that is aligned with divine consciousness through physical, mental and spiritual practices in constant self discovery and realization.

Functional Power Yoga is a physically intense, internally focused alignment-based practice with a functional approach to asanas (postures), movement and life. Hatha, Vinyasa Power Yoga, Functional Movement and Magnificence are tools used to awaken your inner power, recondition your body’s natural vitality and reclaim your highest potential.

Master your life to create the optimal human experience and live in balance, harmony and equanimity with all.

ACCREDITATION: 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certification


• Hatha / Vinyasa Power Yoga
• Functional Movement & Mobility
• Adaptive Inquiry / Magnificence / Self Development and Realization


In this program you will study and learn fundamentals of yoga, asana (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation. What makes this curriculum one of its kind and rare is the application of Functional Movement, Mobility and Self Development. We provide our trainees with all the necessary tools needed to teach yoga with great precision, clarity and authenticity.
Topics will include:


• Yoga History
• Philosophy and Mythology
• Chakras and Bandhas
• Mudras and Mantras
• Pranayama (Breathing Techniques)
• Concentration and meditation tools and techniques
• Fundamentals of Yoga and Yoga asanas (postures)
• Alignment Based Power Yoga classes (ALL LEVELS)
• Intelligent Sequencing
• Therapeutic and Restorative Sequencing
• Functional Anatomy
• Intelligent Stretching Techniques
• The Art of Theming and Dharma
• Precise Cueing Instructions
• Hands on adjusting & assisting
• Projecting your voice


• Introduction to Functional Movement and Mobility
• Real life Movement and Biomechanics
• Primal Movements
• Learn General & Refined Functional Alignment Instructions
• Mobility, Therapeutics and Healing Tools and Techniques
• Strengthening, Healing and Stretching


• Discover your life purpose
• Set goals and dreams
• Get Real, intuitively, happy and free
• Ways to transform your life
• Discover your personal vision and mission
• Develop a spiritual lifestyle
• Life as a moving meditation
• Creating space for personal practice, ritual and ceremony


Required books (list provided prior to start)
Suggested books and video (list provided prior to start)


This training program is led by Pablo Lucero & Sarah Taggart.

Join lead Facilitators Pablo Lucero and Sarah Taggart for an immersion in transformation, sacred ritual, adventure, journey in healing and deep connection.


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