Meditation: Mindful Escape

It’s simple! To begin, turn on the video and take a few deep breaths in, exhaling slowly. Continue to breathe purposefully as you concentrate on the visual element of the video. Allow your gaze to soften, even allowing your vision to go out of focus. This visual movement will assist you to shift your awareness from your surroundings, bringing you back into an awareness of your body and breath. You are not required to think about anything in particular; this meditation offers you a platform to be thought-free. If you feel inclined to close your eyes during the meditation then follow your instincts. This meditation is an effective tool to promote relaxation and inner balance, and there are no fixed techniques.

We encourage you to use this relaxation method for 14 consecutive days to enhance your journey of transformation and self-discovery.


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Spirits Voice has developed a series of visual meditational soundscapes to help you relax, de-stress and re-connect with your core essence. These short, powerful meditations are designed to create immediate and long-lasting transformation through audio/visual brainwave stimulation that simply shifts your awareness.

Spirits Voice recognizes the positive influence regular meditation has on your overall well-being. We also understand that many people find it difficult to meditate using standard techniques. We developed a relaxation method suitable for those looking for a non-conventional technique or wanting to add a little variety into their existing program. Our visual meditations are simple, effective and suitable for all levels of experience. 


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