Meditation – How To Love Yourself? (A Meditation For Difficult Thoughts & Feelings) – John Siddique

I was asked by someone I love for a meditation to help with difficult thoughts & feelings, so I came up with this simple 20 minute practice, and recorded it so that it could be used whenever needed.

It was suggested that I share it here, as sometimes we need another human voice to help us return home to our own being in tricky times of life.

Please begin by sitting or lying down comfortably. The meditation lasts for 20 minutes, and is punctuated by bells every 5 minutes to help keep you present. The final section is silent, ending with a bell.

Please remember that you were made to be you, no one else can take your place on this earth ever.

The Authentic Living Meditations CD is out now, both as a CD and as a download. Perfect for anyone who would like to begin a meditation practice, or who would like to go much deeper into life, love and truth. It was recorded during meditation so that you will have the experience of being with another in truth when you use it.

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9 thoughts on “Meditation – How To Love Yourself? (A Meditation For Difficult Thoughts & Feelings) – John Siddique

  1. This is just great, I always find a little soothing music enhances. This is perfect for the starter and for when you know, but a bit of anger is bothering you and you know it is not yours.

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